Stacking the Shelves #91 - I not-so-accidentally broke my book-buying ban


I hope you guys are well. I'm feeling happy because it's feeling so summery (except at the moment it's overcast but it's not that cold SO YAY). It was 27 degrees here the other day which is quite hot for England (quite hot for anywhere, actually!) and I lay in the sun in the whole day and it was glorious. Perfect time to read some YA contemporary, methinks.

I can relate to this gif on a spiritual level
SO, I said I was on a book buying ban (and I am, kind of *cough*) but I have a very good reason for buying these books (I hope). But from now, I am on an official book buying ban until August. WISH ME LUCK.

So I bought the second and third Twilight books because they were at my local Whole Foods and I love going there because their olive bread is something else, I tell ya they have a bookcase - and amazing food - full of books and you can donate any amount and get a book so YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I've always wanted the Twilight books for my shelf because I really enjoyed them when I read them. Granted I was 12 at the time and it was the first YA series I'd read, so I'm not sure I'd feel the same way. I think I shall reread them shortly and see what I think. That should be interesting.
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Very interesting.

Then, I emailed a publishing company to request an ARC of Gemina and I got accepted and there may have been a lot of squealing and embarrassing attempts at celebratory dancing involved. 

dancing taylor awkward swift silly

Then because I haven't read Illuminae and I haven't seen it at the library (and it's a really pretty book that would look so good on my bookshelf but that totally wasn't a factor at all psshh) I decided that I should buy it. AND I DID. I so badly wanted to get the hardcover but it's so expensive so I got the paperback instead and it's so pretty.

So see, I didn't go totally overboard (three books hardly counts as breaking a ban, right? Shh, let me live in denial). I'm gaining more self-control as the years go by. #proud

how i met your mother clapping himym neil patrick harris high five

So tell me! Have you read the Twilight books and what did you think? What books have you read that you enjoyed the first time around but after rereading it, you weren't a fan? What books have you added to your shelves this week?