How to Determine if You Live with the Magical Creature Called The Reader

As I was sitting by the dinner table the other day, I noticed several things. One, my post-it notes for my reviews were strewn across the table, some were sticking to the carpet and I recall earlier that day there was one by the washing machine. Two, there were books stacked in several places and I could spy a few titles sitting innocently outside of my peripheral vision. Thirdly, I began to realise that these two things - books and post-its - was like the pixie dust I left behind. If I were a fairy. Which. I'm not, unfortunately. And so I began to wonder how can you tell you live if you live with a bookworm. Below I will give you the signs that might help you decide whether or not you have one of these mystical creatures in your company.

1. If they are there, books will be there.
Probably one of the most obvious signs. If your friend/sister/brother is nearby and has books in their hands, in their bag, next to their bed, or books in close proximity to them, they are likely a bookworm. Or perhaps they're just a sort of magnet for these paper-filled fantasies. Lucky them.

2. They have a book in their hand, frequently and growl and snap if you come too close.
It's not our fault, not really. Just know that in that moment we're not who we appear to be. We're a princess riding a dragon, a detective solving a mystery, a girl being hunted by vampires...we're in a whole other world, one filled with magic and intrigue...let us remain in there for a while longer.

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3. They don't leave their house that much (unless it's absolutely necessary)
We bookworms have a lot of reading to do: socialising, shopping and juts leaving the house in general gets in the way of that. However, if there is a nice sunny patch outside then we'll navigate ourselves towards the garden. That counts as leaving the house, right?

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4. They have many boyfriends/girlfriends. Do not be disturbed, they are most likely fictional. If not...your friend might need a word with.
If your bookworm says they met an amazing guy, or they're with their significant other, or they state they have several boyfriends. Do not be alarmed and do not get too excited that your friend might be leaving the house to go on this mystical thing called a "date". They're most likely fictional. If you're suspecting your housemate is a reader, ask them where they met their potential suitor. "Chapter 5" is an answer that will confirm your suspicions.

4. They flail, screech and cry a lot.
What is the matter? You may ask.

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They may reply. As well as mutters and warbling about characters and swords and death. Don't be frightened for their sanity, they just have quite a lot of feelings due to things fictional characters are experiencing. Just throw chocolate at them, they'll be fine. (Or maybe not, there are still character deaths I haven't recovered from).

5. If they are also a reviewer, there will be post-its everywhere
They generally tend to accompany us most places and get lost and stuck in bizarre areas. You might get up from the couch and realise you have post-its sticking to your hair and your clothes - kind of like cat hair.

6. When suggesting to go see a movie that is probably a film adaptation of a book...
They will most likely a) Say, "Before we do, I need to read the book first" or 2) Say "No, I choose not to see that as it could never be as good as the book" or 3) Say "Fine, but I am warning you that I will sit there for 2 hours pointing out every single thing that's different from the book". 

Good luck with your cinema trip.

7. Suspected bookworm is on a first-name basis with the postman. In fact, you think they'll be calling each other best friends any day now.
As a fellow bookworm myself, we read a lot, we like looking at books and stroking books and admiring books, so there will be parcels of books being delivered to the house weekly, if not daily. When you see the postman so frequently, you might as well learn his name, after all, you see him so frequently, he may as well have a cuppa while he's delivering the gargantuan amount of books to your friend.

8. They have a bookshelf that is overflowing in their room.
Probably one of the most obvious signs. Walk into their room and notice books on shelves, books on the bed, books next to the bed, books in the windowsill and books on the floor. More books than room.

9. They use slang that you're not quite familiar with? What kind of enchanted language is this?!
Generally something along the lines of  "Asdfghjkl, my TBR is literally going to fall on top of me", "So I was on Goodreads.." and "You will not believe the ARC that just came in the post!!!". We know it's all a bit confusing but you'll learn the lingo of the literary lovers. Eventually. (Also, I hope you appreciate the alliteration in that line.)

10. The most obvious sign of all...they almost always have their nose stuck in a book. 
Betcha didn't see that one coming! If someone loves reading, they will read every chance they get. They will want to devour words like oxygen. They will want to constantly live in a book. They will read at almost every opportunity.

These are the signs that you live with a reader!

Can you relate to this post? What are some other signs that suggest one lives with a bookworm (not the actual insect kind but the human kind, because worms ew no)? Do you do any of these things? Let me know, in the comments below!