January Wrap-Up and February TBR Pile!


The first month of 2016 is nearly finished! It's odd as I often feel as if the months slip by too quickly, but January has felt quite drawn out to me. Perhaps it's because I can't wait for February as it's my birthday month and I'm happy because it's the last month of winter. I love spring and summer so I'm really looking forward to that! I'm also kind of freaking out though as I have my maths and chemistry exams in April and although that seems quite a way away, it isn't, not really.

January had some good things! Fond times of watching Star Wars with my family and watching old movies with close friends, reading in front of the fire with my snoozing furry family members by my side and ballet lessons with pirouettes and pink ballet slippers will glow happily in my memory for quite some time. However, my anxiety began to put a damper on things two weeks into the new year. I haven't had panic attacks frequently in a couple of years and the last few days I've found it exceedingly difficult to get my anxiety under control. I hope that things will improve in February!

I have read some phenomenal books in 2016, books that have made me laugh and cry and flail and screech - let's hope this continues into February!

The Books I Read:
Talon by Julie KagawaThe Murder of an Angel (Confessions, #4)The Last Summer of UsThe Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an ArmchairDid I Mention I Love You? (The DIMILY Trilogy, #1)Am I Normal Yet? (Normal, #1)How Hard Can Love Be? (Normal, #2)An Ember in the Ashes (An Ember in the Ashes, #1)

Talon - ⭐ | Confessions of a Murder Suspect - ⭐ | The Last Summer of Us - ⭐ | The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair - ⭐.5 | Did I Mention I Love You? - ⭐.5 | Am I Normal Yet? - ⭐ (ALL THE STARS. I LOVED IT.) | How Hard Can Love Be? - ⭐ | An Ember in the Ashes - 

As you can see, I've had an amazing reading month! I LOVED Talon, The Last Summer of Us, The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair and An Ember in the Ashes! They were all so brilliant!

Books I'll Be Reading in February:

I'm super duper excited for ALL of these! Especially Ink and Bone and The School for Good and Evil! 

Have you read any of these? What books are you planning on reading in February? How has your 2016 been so far? 😀