Stacking the Shelves #84 - I raided the library and it was awesome.


I hope you all are well! I feel like I haven't posted in a million years but I'm definitely going to be posting more! 

I have a fantastic haul because my library is on pointe (a ballet pun for you which I will explain in a minute) and my local charity stores are the best, so YAY! 

ALSO (because I haven't posted in like, 2 weeks) I'll just give you brief recap! 

My mom attended a course for her M.E./CFS which consists of retraining your brain through various exercises to help strengthen the positive neural pathways. Because although our illnesses can be physical, we often get so consumed by the negative sensations we are feeling that if we do something where we have felt that sensation in the past, the brain automatically convinces yourself that you're feeling that way again, even if you might not necessarily be experiencing that right now. So she's been doing her exercises and she's been getting better. She was able to walk 1km, drive a little bit and clean the house whereas before she sometimes couldn't even walk from the bedroom to the bathroom! It's absolutely amazing seeing this change in her and although she still does get days where she doesn't feel so good, she's working on it and this makes me so happy! YAY!

Another exciting thing (two, actually, YASSS) I went to Wales and IT WAS SO COOL! I absolutely loved seeing the sea again as I lived right by the beach in South Africa, so it made me feel a little bit closer to home when I could see the waves and smell the salty tang of the ocean. 

The third thing (hence the ballet pun), I've begun contemporary ballet and I love it so much! I've always wanted to do ballet (I did it when I was 3-5 but then stopped because I'm clearly terrible at life decisions) and I'm so happy to have started it finally! I want to start proper classical ballet lessons eventually but right now I'll stick with this! I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

NOW TO THE BOOKS. I got The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan for £1.75, in brand new condition and it's a hardcover. I was actually really wanting to buy it from WHSmith but it was £15 which is quite expensive, so then I decided to browse a few charity stores in the area and THERE IT WAS. I had actually searched the shelves several times and I was turning away and then I SAW IT RIGHT THERE. It was pretty much meant to be.

I also got a few review books a couple of weeks ago, which I' super excited for as well!

Bought Books:

Library Books:

I went slightly wild at the library. Oops? ALSO, do you like my cool Nutcracker Christmas tree decoration?!

Review Books (Thank you Usborne Books!)
The Earth is SingingAm I Normal Yet? (The Normal Series, #1)The Last Summer of UsBad MagicThe Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair

I would include a picture but I forgot to take one *facepalm* - LOOK AT THOSE PRETTY COVERS THOUGH. (Picture takes you to Goodreads page!)

All Together!:

LOOK AT THE PRETTIES! Have you read any of these, would you like to read any of these? Have you ever taken dance classes and would you ever like to? Let me know!Displaying IMG-20151219-WA0004.jpg
Displaying IMG-20151219-WA0004.jpg