Stacking the Shelves #80 - ENGLAND EDITION!

As many of you know, I have moved to England. I'm in the land of Harry Potter, Sherlock and Doctor Who. It's quite exciting, if I must say so myself.
I'm loving it so far. Books here are cheap. There's charity stores, there's Amazon, there's Ebay and it is FABULOUS. Really. Once I get pocket money and hopefully a job, Ebay and I are going to be best friends. My bank account probably won't be happy but hashtag yolo, you know?

I haven't bought many books here because my parents refuse to buy me all the books and I spent all my money in South Africa because I'm a really mature, responsible person but my parents have gotten me a couple when I begged and pleaded and promised to be the best daughter in the entire universe (I mean, I am already but I suppose there is always room for improvement) so I have got a haul and I'm super excited to read them and YAY!

Books to Review: Thank you, Penguin Random House South Africa!
It was SO SAD saying goodbye to all the incredible publicists I've been working with since I was 13 and they were kind enough to send me this month's review books! 
Blog Tour Books: Thank you, Tammy!

Charity Store Finds!: Thanks, Mom and Dad!
I've been wanting these books literally forever.

I've already read all these as well as the next 2 books!

Bought: Thanks, Dad!
We both love Derek Landy's books. A lot.
This was literally the conversation we had, in the middle of Tesco, while I was squealing and flailing and obtaining worried stares from onlookers:
Dad: On one condition
Me: 0_0
Dad: I get to read it first
Me: >.<...ok-
Dad: Joking, but seriously, read it fast. I need to read it. 
*as we're walking to the till* Dad: Have you started it yet?
Like I said, we both love Derek Landy a lot.


So beautiful. *wipes away tear*

SO! Have you read any of these? Do use Ebay/Amazon and DO YOU LOVE IT?! What books did you get this week? Which ones are you most excited for? Do you and your parents both have the same favorite author? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I rhymed. I'm so cool.