Personal Post: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Today I turn 16, which is pretty cool but kind of weird too, it feels like I'd just turned thirteen yesterday haha! I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I did today and what books I got, because it's quite nice (in my opinion) to see personal posts on book blogs as well! Also, thank you to everybody who wished me today - it made me feel so special! <3

So, I woke up at 6:30 because I was really, really, really excited. I spent the morning with my parents and I had a nice breakfast, then we got in the car and I went to a lovely bookshop and bought books (naturally. I'm sixteen, time to buy loads of books! Live on the wild side!) and then we went into the city as my mom had an appointment to do with her illness (myalgic encephalomyelitis) which was about an hour. I spent that hour reading Skulduggery Pleasant book 8 (THE SERIES IS NEARLY OVER. THIS IS NOT OKAY!) and then we went to get Romans Pizza which is literally the best pizza ever. When I used to live in another part of South Africa when I was still small, my family would get it once or twice a month and I absolutely LOVED it. The part of South Africa I live in now doesn't have one close by (you have to drive like 40 minutes get there) so I only get it on my birthday but ahhh, it was SO good!

Then I came home and a couple of my friends came over and we had chocolate cake and hot chocolate and we danced to Taylor Swift's 1989 and that was a lot of fun! And now here I am, writing up this post and feeling tired and happy as I've had a lovely bookish, chocolate-y day!

So, here is what I got. I love my presents so much and I'm so excited to use my new stationery and read my new books! I'm planning on going back to the book shop this weekend as I got some money and my mom wanted to buy me these other two books, so I'm really looking forward to that!

Also, when I got home I saw that the postman had delivered a package from Penguin Random House - so I got some books to review on my birthday too, which I think is pretty cool! I actually said to my mom that I really hope I do because since I started my blog I've received books each year on my birthday! So it was really great getting them! I also got a book yesterday and two books last week, which I've included, as this can be like an early Stacking the Shelves post haha!

Books I've Received the Past Two Weeks (including today's birthday haul):

The top 4 books I got for my birthday and the rest I got to review! I honestly can't wait to read all of these! I've been meaning to buy A Monster Calls for awhile and when I saw it at the bookshop, I read the first eight pages or so and was immensely intrigued so I decided it was high time I read it. I'm so excited to read Beautiful Darkness as I loved Beautiful Creatures! I really needed Fractured as I have the other two books in the trilogy, so shortly I shall be marathoning them. I saw The Ever After randomly but decided it looked really good and I got it and then I found out it was actually on my wishlist but under a different title! I'm REALLY looking forward to reading Marly's Ghost and Seeker - they sound so good! I also got Vowed, which I'll be reading as soon as I read Banished. The Nameless One, River Daughter and Winter are books that I haven't heard of before but sound quite interesting - I hope I'll enjoy them!

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS! My pens and pencil case are physics/space related which is just SO COOL! I'm also obsessed with Paris stationery, so it was lovely to get that too!

So yep, I had an absolutely wonderful birthday! Have you guys read any of the books I received today?

Thank you, Robert, it was.