Discussion Post: What Makes You Comment on Blogs?

Today I was pondering, as I often do and reminiscing (as I also tend to do) and procrastinating (which I will shamefully admit I happen to do frequently) and looking at old blog posts and page views for that post vs the comments for that post. I saw that the amount of page views was far, far larger than the amount of comments (yes, I am aware that, unfortunately, a lot of those page views will be from spammers) and I was wondering, what makes us comment on other blogs? What content is so appealing that it makes the person on the other side of the screen divulge a morsel of their thoughts? 

I will admit, I don't comment on blogs as much I should. I haven't been able to even visit blogs lately because of school work, which is quite unfortunate and makes me sad. 

BUT the summer is nearly upon us, I can feeeeeel it in my bones (and in the increasing temperature, but I like to think I'm special.) Which means the holidays are around the corner. Which means free time for blogging and commenting and reading and fangirling. Huzzah!

When I read blog posts, I will try to leave comment, even if it's just a short one. Sometimes at that moment I don't have the time but I always try to return to the post. I also generally only read posts if they discuss an interesting topic or the blogger is reviewing a book that I have interest in, because unfortunately I don't have time to read all the blog posts, although I'd very much like to!

So basically, I go through my feed and find posts that interest me and if I read a post which makes me think or has me wanting to comment a thought that it has induced within my frazzled brain, I will comment. Even if I don't have anything to say, I will try to comment back as I think if we are reading a post which a blogger has poured their blood, sweat and tears into (that might be a tad dramatic, but you get my drift) and even if don't have much to share, any blogger likes seeing a comment acknowledging that someone has taken the time and effort to read their precious. I also tend to comment on posts that aren't memes (unless I'm participating in said meme) but discussions/reviews because the memes can shortly get repetitive. 

That's my opinion. What makes you leave comments on blogs? Must the post invoke powerful emotions within you? Must you have read the book or must the book be one you've heard of? Are you more likely to comment on reviews on books you have or haven't read? Please, share your thoughts!