Stacking the Shelves #68

Stacking the Shelves

I had an AMAZING book week this week! Yesterday, three parcels came, in ONE DAY, and that was so freaking exciting! I almost died from the bookish awesomeness. I want to say a huge thank you to Jonathan Ball Publishers and RandomStruik for sending me books! THANK YOU!

I got a package from RandomStruik, Jonathan Ball Publishers as well as my English Literature set texts. I also forgot to post my book haul from a few weeks back! SO, BEHOLD THE MANY PRETTIES.

Books to Review:

I'm sorry the pictures are so big but can we just take a moment to admire these new Harry Potter covers?! They're gorgeous! I read the first four three years back but I never finished the series, but maybe this time around I will! Also, I am SO EXCITED that I got The Iron Trial!!! Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite authors and I've heard fantastic things about Holly Black as well, so I'm going to be starting that very soon! Tiger Milk sounds different and it's a debut novel from an author in Berlin, so it'll be interesting seeing what it's about. I haven't read the Skulduggery Pleasant books, but I've heard great things about them, so I'll try to find the others at my library!

Books I Bought:

EEEK! I'm SO happy with the books I bought! Angelfall, Audrey, Wait!, No and Me and Tidal have been on my wishlist forever and I'm so extremely excited that I finally have them! I also got a book on the planets because I'm trying to improve my knowledge on outer-space and it was a really good price!

School Books:

I'm really looking forward to reading Northanger Abbey, as I've been wanting to read a Jane Austen novel for a while! The poem book also seems to have quite nice poems in, so it'll be fun reading through that :)


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