Discussion Post: Unread books

I feel like I have too many unread books at the moment. 

Over the years I have bought copious amounts of books at a time, thanks to car-boot sales and charity stores and since this has been going on for about five years, it's reached quite a high amount. I have over 600 books and I have only read about one third of them, leaving me with about 400+ books I haven't read. THEN there are all my e-galleys which is at, I'm ashamed to admit, about 100 e-galleys which I haven't yet got around to reading. I feel incredibly bad about this and I could repeatedly give me a swift kick in the backside for going on a requesting binge when I first opened my NG and EW account! I then also have a lot of other Kindle books I have bought; newish YA releases, free books and the classics.

I have so many books to read and I just don't have the time! I'm starting IGCSEs and it's a lot of work and I'll be even busier when it comes to exam time! I'm on a strict book-buying ban, I'm not requesting on Netgalley anymore and I am not going to check out books at the library anymore, but that still leaves me with lots of unread books.

I might donate my more middle-grade books that I never got around to reading, but there are some I really want to read and I feel bad for giving them away without becoming acquainted with what could be my next favourite book! 

I understand, even though it saddens me, that I'll never be able to read all the books I want and my logical side says there are quite a few books that I won't ever read and I should donate them. I have accumulated about 100 that I'm donating, which I am proud of. I've read most of those but I'll most likely never read it again and I feel good for providing to those without books!

Should I give away more of my middle-grade/YA books or slowly try and work through them without buying new books/library/Netgalley? How big are your TBR piles and what do you do to get them under control? Have you ever felt like your TBR pile is just way too big?