Stacking the Shelves #59: The Kyra-went-mad-requesting-and-buying-books-edition!

Stacking the Shelves

Hi guys! As you may have noticed that I haven't been blogging lately and I apologise for that but my computer has been going haywire and I can't really blog from my phone, but it is fixed now! YAY!

I have...quite a lot of books to showcase and I don't think I'm going to link them all up, you can see the titles so you can check it out on Goodreads. I know, I'm also ashamed of my laziness. 


Books to Review:

I got two copies of This Star Won't Go Out, I was really excited to read it but when I was flicking through and Esther was talking about all the blood tests and her symptoms, it really upset me and I'm kind of a hypochondriac, so I started stressing about cancer. It's really stupid of me, but I just get really affected by that kind of stuff. So I will probably be choosing two winners for the giveaway I will be holding! :)

I'm really excited for Banished, as I've heard amazing things about it, as well as Horizon, as I loved the first book! Dandelion Clocks I read in one sitting and it was AMAZING, you can read my review here.

Books I Bought/Received:

To these books...

Yes, yes I do indeed love these books! I was on a book-buying ban and I haven't actually bought books in awhile. So I binge book bought. Typical.

Anywhoo, I am just SO EXCITED to read these!!! Especially The Dead and the Gone (second Life as We Knew It book by Susan Pfeffer. One of my all-time favourite books!) and Tiger Lily! I was supposed to be sent Tiger Lily to review last month but I never received it nor got an email about it so I didn't think I would've seen it in my post box anytime I bought it! And it was really cheap, so absolutely stoked as I've been wanting to read it FOREVER. Okay, well, not forever but since it came out.

Thank you to my friend Krisi for buying me Liesl & Po, Tiger Lily and Article 5 which I forgot to include -.-

Byeee! :D

More Pictures! You're welcome ;)