Review - Darcy Burdock - Laura Dockrill

Darcy BurdockTitle: Darcy Burdock
Author: Laura Dockrill
Genre: Middle-grade
Publication: February 28th 2013, Random House
Pages: 278 pages, Paperback
Source: Thank you so much to RandomStruik for providing me with a copy of Darcy Burdock in exchange for an honest review! :)
Source: 4/5 CUPCAKES!
Introducing Darcy Burdock, a new, cool, all-conquering girl character with a fresh and distinctive take on the world.
Ten-year-old Darcy is one of life's noticers. Curious, smart-as-a-whip, funny and fiercely loyal, she sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her.
Written and illustrated by Laura Dockrill: author, poet & performer – think Lady Gaga meets Mother Goose.

When I received Darcy Burdock to review, I was immediately drawn in by the gorgeous cover and the entertaining synopsis, and I started it almost right away! Because, as you all know, I absolutely adore a fantastic middle-grade novel.

Darcy Burdock is about 10 year old Darcy. An imaginative, fun, vibrant girl! Reading Darcy Burdock, you will take a look into her colourful mind and the interesting, beautiful way she views things in life. You will learn how to calm an Angosauras rex (with Maltesers), how having a pet lamb could lead to sore knees (kneebows, as Darcy calls them), how baby brothers don't like dressing up in girls clothes and how the snobby dancers at Darcy's sister's dance classes can't appreciate a good dance. The things Darcy get's up to will have you giggling in amusement, that's for sure!

Darcy is an extremely loveable main character. She's entertaining, funny, sweet and down to earth AND a mermalade. She also shows us exactly how she is feeling and doesn't hide her emotions, she's a real character, not a bland, two-dimensional one. She reminds me of me when I was younger, I use to always read and write stories (still do) and I always use to notice my noticing (if you've read the book, you'll know what I'm talking about) she's just a bit more spunky and rebellious than I was! However, I think everyone will be able to relate to her. She's a normal ten year old, she's not uptight and you can see she just wants to have fun and be herself.

I also loved how caring, good-natured and observant she was. She's really good to her younger siblings and that was sweet to see. It was also lovely (and occasionally humorous) seeing how she described people and the way she viewed things.

She's also loves reading and writing, in fact, writing helps her with any problem she faces. If she's scared or has had a tough day, she turned it into a story, which I found very clever! I also loved reading Darcy's poems and stories, they were so imaginative and so brilliant! 

The storyline was cute! The antics Darcy would partake in, as I previously stated, were highly amusing and I was constantly being surprised by her latest endeavors.

Laura Dockrill is a fantastic writer! She really unleashed her inner child whilst writing Darcy, and I felt like I was honestly and truly reading the book as if it were written by ten year old Darcy herself, which just proves what a fantastic author Laura is! I also love the cute illustrations that were on every few pages, made the book even better then it already was!

I adored Darcy Burdock, I fell in love with her unique, quirky character and the amazing perspective she held on the world. I loved reading about her life and the interactions she held with her friends, family and enemies (yes, she does have one or two) and the way she dealt with her emotions by writing (fantastic) stories. Throughout the book Darcy also learned valuable lessons, lessons that readers will learn whilst reading. How you should be kind to everyone and most importantly, we are unique in our own way and should be happy about who we are. I enjoyed this novel a great deal and I can not wait to read more about the lovely Darcy Burdock! Anyone young or old will have a spectacular time reading Laura Dockrill's wonderful, imaginative novel.

I give it: 4/5 CUPCAKES!