Discussion Post: The Difference Between The Word Geek And Nerd Part 1

Today is going to be a different post to what I generally post. I've been reading some discussion posts and I really enjoy reading what book bloggers have to say on a certain topic of things and reading the comments on the discussion posts. So the last few days I've been willing my brain to think of an interesting topic that hasn't really been approached before. And I finally came up an idea. Which took me a while. Don't judge. *pats self on back and rewards self with sugary junk foods*

Anyway, my completely brilliant, (it's not that amazing guys, I'm not as clever as I think I am haha) issss:


Lately, I have been wondering the answer to this. Is there even a difference? I have seen many pictures that says I am a  "Book Geek" and I am a "Book Nerd" and I couldn't help thinking is there a difference. The answer, my dear, bookish earthlings, may surprise you.

If someone asked me if there was a difference between a geek and a nerd, I wouldn't really know what to say. In fact, writing this post right now, I'm still not officially sure if there is a difference. But if I had to give an answer I would say that a geek is a more modern, funky version who is in to books and a nerd is someone who focuses on getting an A+ on every test and who does chess. That is my stereotypical thoughts on the differences between a nerd and a geek. I will be doing another post on stereotyping, so be sure to keep a lookout for that.

Moving on. I asked some of my friends what they thought the difference between a geek and a nerd was. A lot of them thought that they were two very different things, which I shall now care to share with you all.

"Geek is American and Nerd is South African."

"When I think of a geek I think of someone who is a computer genius! And I think nerd is more book smart and A's at school and a nerd for Harry Potter and stuff!"

"Nerds are wimpy and have glasses and buck teeth." - Hectic stereotyping over here.

"Geek is cute, nerd is a loner."

"Geeks love doing work and reading. Nerd is ugly, dorky and a geek is modern version."

"I think a geek is a reader and a nerd is a computer whiz."

"No difference really. But I think nerds are cooler than geeks."

So, reading those comments, it's an interesting find that people think nerds is almost the "bad, ugly duckling out of the two" and a geek is a "modern, or more popular version". Most of the people I asked aren't really readers and don't know about the whole amazing blogging community. They just say what they think the difference is and if there is one. As fellow geeks and nerds yourself, do you think there is a difference?

Last thing before I end this post. I went on Dictionary and I typed in the words and the definitions were almost the same as those of the people I asked.

Dictionary.com's definition for Geek:
Reading this definition I could say yes, I am a geek, I have excessive enthusiasm for books and libraries and literature in general, but no, I am not generally disliked by people. Although, I am viewed as overly intellectual by some people.

Dictionary.com's definition for Nerd:
Wow. It's quite different to a geek. According to the dictionary, a nerd is a "stupid", "irritating" and "unattractive person. But also an "intelligent, single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby". I think the definition for nerd is quite offensive and stereotypical.

What do you have to say? Do you think there is a difference between geek and nerd? Do you agree with the dictionary's entries on those two words? Which word do you prefer to call yourself?

I am proud to be called a book geek and a book nerd. As I am obsessed with a  nonsocial hobby or pursuit...I am a book nerd...and book geek, and I am proud of it.