Meme Reveal!

Hello Everyone! Today I have a special post to share with you all. We would like to welcome you to our BRAND New Feature!

Realm of Read-Along is a monthly feature hosted by me, Kyra from Blog of a Bookaholic and Emma from Never Judge A Book By Its Cover. We decided to start a meme that would help decrease that ever-growing pile of TBR’s whether they are eBooks, Bought or Borrowed Books and ARC’s.
Each month myself and Emma will compile a list that will consist of number of titles that we both wish to read together. We will then create a post to showcase the Book of the Month and will include a Linky to those who would like to join in with us. There is no rush to read the book, we just want to share enjoyment of reading between you all.
We also have a Goodreads Group ( especially for this meme for you to join and discuss were you are currently at in the book and fan girl about it! Those of you who know us on Twitter be sure to tweet how are you are all doing through the book as well.
After the first Read-Along we will then ask what you thought and how could do it better? What do you think of this meme? Would like you to join us?  Leave us a comment, we would love to know what you think?
So the Picks for this month are:
Which title would you like to read in April? You can join our GR Group and vote on our poll or you can leave us a comment below.
We would love to hear your thoughts on our meme as well. Be sure to look back soon when we reveal the Book of the Month – April!