SALW: South African Library Week

In honour of it being South African Library Week, I thought I would do a post of why I love libraries and show you guys the top 5 most beautiful libraries (in my opinion) in the world.

Why I love libraries:

Both of my parents love reading, and for as long as I can remember, I have always been in a house filled with books and gone to the library every weekend. Some of my greatest memories involve me gazing upon the rows and rows of books lining library walls, tracing my finger along the books' spine, sitting down and opening the book and letting the heavenly scent of a library book waft up my nose. Libraries have always been important in my life, and I can't thank my parents enough for taking me to libraries since I was small and instilling the gift of literature into my life.

Libraries are also a fantastic way to find great books to read! As a book blogger, we often only read books that we see in the blogosphere, books that are newly released. When I go to the library, I have a chance of reading books that might become my new favourite, books that I wouldn't have known of unless I went to the library. Libraries broaden your reading experience. 

We also usually buy our books new, as most of the time the books on our wish list are books that are newly released, but a lot of the time we can find these books at our local library. I wrote a post yesterday on a little challenge I created, which involves trying to cross off as many books as you can off your wish list, but they must be from the library, on sale or from a second-hand book store. If you want to join me to complete the challenge, you can leave a link in the comment section of the post.

Anyway, since it's library week, go to your library, see if there are any wish list books there, you will find some gems there for sure, trust me! If there are any books on your bookshelf that you want to giveaway, donate some to your local library, I'm sure they will very much appreciate it! :)

Top 5 Most Beautiful/Interesting Libraries in the World

1. Angelic Library, Rome, Italy
2. Rijksmuseum Research Library, Amsterdam 
3. Bristol Central Library, Bristol, UK
4. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

5. Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

These are my top 5 favourite libraries from around the world! :D Which one is your favourite?