Blog of a Bookaholic Blogoversary Day 6 - Interview with Jessica from Booked Up!

 1. Hi! Introduce your amazing self and your equally amazing blog! :)
Booked Up!Aw, making me blush on the first question :P Okay, ahem, my name is Jessica and I am the blogger behind the YA book blog, Booked Up! I've been blogging for a year and a few months now, and it's definitely the best hobby I've ever taken on. Blogging is a phenomenal experience, and through it I have met a countless amount of wonderful people. In my spare time I'm cleaning out Guinea Pig cages (glamorous, yes?) , taking my dogs for walks, daydreaming about my many book boyfriends, meeting up with my friends in town, spending time with family by watching a film in the evening and catching up with homework! In a nutshell, that's my life. Hopefully it will be more interesting someday, and I'll be working in London at a publishing company. :D 
2. If you could have a fictional character come to life and hang out with you for a day, who would it be and why?

Katniss Everdeen. I mean, come on, she's incredible! I would get Katniss to teach me a bunch of survival tricks, we'd gossip about Peeta, and at the end of the day we would eat the cooked rabbit that I shot in my first archery class with her. Actually, I don't think I could bring myself to shoot a rabbit, so we'd probably just snack on (non-poisonous) berries instead. But if Katniss was too busy to come to life and meet me, I would choose Calaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass. Or Allison Sekemoto from The Immortal Rules. Basically any of the kick-ass female protagonists in YA fiction! 

3. If you could meet one author who would it be and what would your first words to him/her be? :D
Just one? Hmm...probably Julie Kagawa. And the first thing I would say to her would be "Tell me more about Ash!" Julie Kagawa has the best imagination ever when it comes to writing, and meeting her would be something I would definitely write about in my Diary. I'm kidding, I don't have a Diary, but you get my point. ;)
4. Do you remember how we became bloggy buddies?
Of course! Ages ago now, you sent me an email asking if I wanted to be interviewed at Blog of a Bookaholic. I was more than happy to have an interview with you, and then had you at Booked Up! in return. After many tweets together, commenting on each others blogs and fangirling tons, you became one of my best bloggy buddies. I hate to think what it would be like if we'd never "met" each other!
 5. Have you added any books to your TBR pile lately? ;)
Oh Kyra, I am adding new books to that dreaded TBR daily. Where do I even begin? Let's see...Catching Jordan, Going Vintage, The Shadow Girl, Easy, My Life Next Door, Riptide, Crossing the Line, The Summer I Turned Pretty, the Matched series, the Covenant series, And then I Found You and sooo many more!   
6. How is Monty and what books have you added to him lately? :D
Monty is great, thanks! In case any of you guys reading this don't know who Monty is, he's my new Kindle. (Yes, I'm weird like that.) And I have added tons of new books to him lately, especially with NetGalley approvals. I request way too much! Anyway, here are some of the books I recently added to Monty: Geek Girl, Mila 2.0, The Eternity Cure (eeep!!!), Dare You To, Wait For You, You had me at Hello, The Lost Prince and Dear Cassie. And that's just to name a few!
Quickfire Questions:
 1. Divergent or Morganville Vampires?
This is such a tough question for me to answer! On the one hand, Divergent is...unbelievably phenomenal. But then Morganville Vampires is such a fun series that I've been following for ages. And it brought me the swoon-worthy Shane Collins, who I would choose over Four. So The Morganville Vamps! 
2. Sweet or savoury?
It's got to be sweet!
3. Ebooks or physical books?
Yay, I can finally answer this question now I have an ereader! Like pretty much everyone, I'm going to choose Physical books, purely because they are what we had before all of the Kindles arrived. I will always love my paperbacks! However, I've been using my Kindle for a while now, and really love it. Monty is so much lighter than a paperback and I can buy and start reading a new book in seconds, thanks to the One-Click Buy method. Plus, the doors to NetGalley have opened for me! Yay!
4. Four or Ash?
I don't even have to think about this one. Ash. He is perfection. To be honest, I think I'm in the minority of people who don't really go as crazy as others about Four. Don't get me wrong, he is gorgeous, but he doesn't make it into my Top 5 Book Boyfriends.
5. Contemporary or dystopian? :D
I have been a massive fan of contemps my whole life. However, I have noticed that dystopian books have a much bigger emotional impact on me than contemps. So dystopian!

Thank you so much for letting me interview you! :) xxx

No worries, Kyra! Thanks for having me here on your fabulous blog! I've really enjoyed the interview! :)xxx