Blog of a Bookaholic Blogoversary Day 4 - Interview with Zoe from Bookhi!

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1. Hi Zoe! Do introduce your wonderful self and your lovely YA book review blog, Bookhi!
Hi Kyra! *hugs* Well, I am fifteen years old and I live in England. When I'm not being drowned in homework, reading, tweeting, Facebook-ing or watching TV, I run a YA book blog called Bookhi. I post reviews, interviews, giveaways and discussions. If I don't know you, come and say hi :)
2. If you could visit any three libraries in the world, which ones would they be?
Ooh, brilliant question! I haven't really thought about it before. I would absolutely LOVE to go to The Royal Library of Alexandria. It has burnt down three times and it would be interesting to hear about the history. The Library of Congress is the largest library of the world... IMAGINE ALL THE BOOKS! :D It would also be great to visit the Bodleian Library because it is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and inside it looks so beautiful (according to the pictures on Google Images, anyway...).

3. Have you bought any good books lately and what are you currently reading?
I have, as a matter of fact! Last week I bought Butter which looks interesting. Yesterday my Dad bought me Beautiful Creatures and Undone which I have been dying to read for ages! :D I am currently reading The Hit by Melvin Burgess. It is quite good but a little slow. I don't feel connected to the characters but I talked to Lucy from Queen of Contemporary on Twitter and she said that it gets better so I'll stick with it.

4. Do you remember how we became bloggy buddies? :D
HAWWA! AWESOME HAWWA! :D When I first saw this question, I felt really bad because I couldn't remember. I guess that it is because I just can't imagine life without your blog, hehe! I'm glad that we worked it out between us eventually, though. Hawwa from Ebony Black Lines introduced us and thus was born an awesome book-y friendship :)
5. Do like having a series of books in the same format? For example, would you make sure to have The Infernal Devices all in paperback, hardback or ebook or don't you mind?
I am quite fussy when it comes to books, so yes - I prefer to have the same series in the same formats. Of course, sometimes it can't be helped. I bought Clockwork Angel from a bookstore and then Clockwork Prince from the Internet so I didn't realise that it was bigger than CA. Now they can't sit side my side on my bookshelf *cue violins and tears* :P 
6. Do you have en ereader and if so what is it's name? ;)
Of course! I have a Kindle called Kindley! So original, huh?
Quickfire Questions:
1. Four of Will Herondale? (Mwahahaha! :D) 
Ohmigosh - YOU ARE EVIL! :O Will.. Four... Will... Four... asdfghjkl *head explodes*
2. Chocolate or reading? 
Reading with chocolate! ;)
3. Libraries or bookshops? 
Hmm.. I LOVE bookshops (I once spent three hours in one) but I think I prefer libraries more :)
4. Ebooks or physical books? 
5. Reading when it's sunny or reading when it's rainy? 
Reading when it is rainy!
Thanks for interviewing me, Kyra! :) xxx