Blog of a Blogoversary Day 5 - Interview with Emma from Never Judge a Book By It's Cover

1. Hi, Emma! Can you introduce your lovely self and your amazing blog? :D
Hi Kyra, thanks for having me on your Blogoversary week, I'm honoured! Well, Hi guys, I'm Emma! I'm a Part-Time Librarian and Student during the week! My Blog, Never Judge a Book by its Cover was based on my passion and love for YA! But its also a lesson of life as well. I fond expressing my experience and connection of characters through my reviews and who knew I would receive books from publishers, and interview my favourite authors of all time! And of course find your ultimate book boyfriend!
2. You also have a graphic site, The Graphicness (your designs are absolutely gorgeous by the way!) What programme do you use and how long have you been designing your awesome graphics? 
I started out by using Picnik then to PicMonkey a Photo editor site using simple pictures and altering them! Then Amelia, The Authoress does graphics and she created mine and I loved it! So I asked if she could advise me and teach me some skills and techniques. That's when I began to take it up the next level by using Photoshop CS6! I've been doing graphics seriously for about a year now... And that is how I created The Graphicness!
3. If you could visit any three libraries in the world, which ones would they be?
Wow! That is such a unique question that this has really stumped me with my answers! The Library of Congress in America! I don't know why, I love libraries that have a history and I love american history! Two more... Hmmm The British Library and The New York Public Library! I seriously need to move to the states! :D
4. Do you remember how we became bloggy buddies? :D
I do, how could I forget! You were my only and first  twitter friend! I never knew how to communicate with bloggers aside from through commenting and Twitter became forum for blogging friends! I started talking to you and I remember saying, "I hope you don't mind me bothering you" that's how new I was at being a blogger and Kyra was the first to help me. I know now that my blogging friends especially Kyra are my real friends! As we all know what we love and fangirl over! :)
5. What's the best book you've read this year?
A month ago, that would be the hardest question, now its the easier! Dare You To by Katie McGarry! Its brought me to tears of happiness and inspired me to so much!
6. Do you have an ereader and does it have a name? ;)
Yes, technically I have two... I have Nelly the Nexus that I read some books on and Ryan (recently changed since reading Dare You To ;P) my Kindle!
Quickfire Questions:
1. Rain or sunshine? 

SUNSHINE *singing*
2. Dogs or cats? 

Dogs :D
3. Sweet or savoury? 
Definitely Sweet who could argue again that! 
4. TV or computer? 

Computer of course!
5. Books or chocolate? :D 

Hope you like my answers! Thanks for having me!