September Wrap-Up & October Reading Plan

September Wrap-Up - Books I reviewed

  1. Tommy Sullivan is a Freak - Meg Cabot
  2. Lucky - Rachel Vail
  3. 13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson
  4. The Day of First Sun
  5. Swipe
Books I hope to read in October

  1. Petronella and the Trogot
  2. The Icarus Project
  3. MORE
  4. Huber Hill and the Brotherhood of Coranado
  5. Summer of the Mariposas
  6. Diverse Energies
  7. Midnight City
  8. The Iron King
  9. The Iron Daughter
  10. The Tall Tale of Tommy Twice
  11. The Realm of the Lost
  12. Sora's Quest
  13. Viper's Creed
  14. Starcrossed
  15. Wither
Yes I am being extremely brave aiming to read 15 books, but I have a towering TBR pile and I really need to knock some books off there! I've been looking at other book blogger's monthly wrap-ups and they read 5 times more than me >.< so I need to step it up :p How many books do you guys read a month? If you have a monthly wrap-up, leave a link! :)