Blogger Interview with Lucy!

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Today I have the lovely Lucy with us from Read, Write, Sleep, Eat! She interviewed me on her lovely blog, which you can see here. Lucy is one of my bloggy buddies and we chat to each other on Twitter constantly! :) I hope you enjoy the interview! :)

Read, Write, Sleep, Eat!
1.Hi Lucy! Why did you start a book blog and when?

I was inspired by all of the other amazing book blogs here on the internet. A girl in my tutor gave me a bookmark for Girls Emoji Books and I really loved reading it! I still do! I started a blog on wordpress but then changed to blogspot as I found it easier to write posts. I started it in May (I think?) and have been going strong since then!

2.What do you love most about blogging?

I love receiving comments from my followers and checking each day to see how many pageviews I have had! It's so rewarding!

3.Who are your favourite authors?

I really enjoy authors like Becca Fitzpatrick, Maggie Stiefvater and Aprilynne Pike. I'm very keen on a series of books written by Kit Berry and have been fortunate enough to meet her. 

4.What are your favourite books?

I think this is the question that most readers fear! How could I choose a favourite book out of the hundreds that I have read?!

5.Would you like to write a book one day and if so what type of book?

I love writing and am hoping to write my own book one day but I know that it will be very hard to achieve. If I were to write a book I think it would be YA. There are so many genres that I could choose from though, so I'm not sure what it would be about yet!

6.Do you like sports?

I do enjoy quite a few sports although I'm not very good at them! I've been on my school's hockey and netball team and they are my favourite sports. I have been riding horses since I was 2 years old and go weekly, helping out at my local yard. It's something I'm very passionate about.

Quick questions :)

Outside or inside?


Sweet or savoury? 

Sweet! I have a bad sweet tooth!

Computer or TV?


Ebook or paperback/hardback?


Healthy food or junk food?

Junk food *bites lip guiltily*

Happy ending or sad ending?

I'm all for happy endings!

Thanks for interviewing me, Kyra! I really enjoyed answering all these lovely questions! :)
It was a lovely interviewing you, Lucy!