Review - Faith and the Camp Snob -Jen Jones

Title: Faith and the Camp Snob
Author: Jen Jones
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publication: August 1st 2011
Pages: 99, ebook
Source: Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with this book to review. :)
Faith, the new girl, knows she's not the typical cheerleader. She's lanky, shy, and avoids the spotlight. When she goes to cheer camp, her snobby teammate stops at nothing to embarrass her. To shine on her new squad, Faith will have to learn to lean on her friends and believe in herself.   
*Yesterday I received a finished copy of this and its a totally gorgeous book! So much pink <3!"*

Faith and the Camp Snob is about Faith who moves to a new neighbourhood and quickly befriends three other girls. Gaby and Faith's mom then persuades Faith to try out for the cheer leading, Faith doesn't really want to as she thinks she isn't proper cheer leader material but YAY! She makes the team! When Faith and the other cheer leaders go to a cheer leading camp, Faith is nervous yet excited. However when the camp snob, Ella, wrecks Faith's confidence with an ugly game of Truth and Dare, will Faith go home or will she come out on top?

This was a cute book that will appeal to younger, middle-grade readers. It was a quick, easy book to read. The format of the book was approachable and I loved reading the little lists and notes at the bottom that explained the cheer leading moves, as I know nothing about cheer leading, except the things they wave about are called pom poms. 

The plot was very basic for a middle grade novel, as I have read some MGs with fantastic, in-depth plots, it was very predictable, but I think for the age group it's aimed at they will enjoy it. The ending was slightly unrealistic, I would love it *SPOILER ALERT* if the mean girls I've known in my life apologised to me, but hey? It's a happy ending that will make people smile. :)

Faith was a likeable, realistic character. I was exactly the same when I was about nine or ten. She was shy and didn't like being the centre of attention, yet when she got to know people she was a bubbly and happy girl. I felt very sympathetic towards her when Ella was being horrible to her. I thought it was a bit over dramatic when Faith ran out crying when *SPOILER ALERT*    all Ella had said was daring her to lead a dance in the hall, but when you're incredibly shy (like me) you can't imagine anything worse.

Ella was your typical mean girl that is always thrown into the chick-lit, middle-grade genre. I wish that the author had just given a bit of reason as to why Ella was a bit of a bully, but unfortunately she didn't so I couldn't sympathise for her. I warmed up to her in the end when she was sweet to Faith though.

Faith and the Camp Snobs was a cute middle-grade novel. I think it will be enjoyable to girls of about 8-11. It teaches good lessons like having good friends, doing what you love and not letting someone block your way to success. I really enjoyed this and I'm sure girls my age and younger would love it too! :)

I give it: 4/5 CUPCAKES!