Review - Melly, Fatty and Me - Edyth Bulbring

Melly, Fatty and Me - Edyth Bulbring

Title: Melly, Fatty and Me
Author: Edyth Bulbring
Genre: Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction
Publication: Penguin Books South Africa, August 31, 2011
Pages: 207 pages, Paperback
Age: 9+
This book was kindly provided by Penguin Books South Africa for me to review. 

April-May February’s New Year’s Resolutions:
Not get expelled from Trinity College
Get along with Mrs Ho – even though she’s moving into Chez Matchbox
Help Fluffy snare a cash-rich soccer tourist
Avoid Sebastian (if possible)
Not talk to Mom
April-May February’s New Year’s Wish list:
A laptop and the Interweb
That Melly gets to breathe like a normal person (in this lifetime)
To bump into Sebastian (if possible)
A decent cellphone – one that wasn’t built before the Ark
That Mom will stop calling
April-May February’s New Year’s Hit list:
The annoying boy-troll Sam Ho
The new bursary kid – aka Fatty
Tiffney, Britney, Courtney and Stephney a nd all the rest of the mean-girl gang
Dr Gainsborough – the school’s shrink

One Word: WOW! I absolutely loved this book! The cover is really funky and modern and I think it will attract teenagers to pick up this book and read it, even better, the book itself is BRILLIANT. The instant I read the very first word on the ivory page I was hooked. The author, by writing just a couple of sentences, lets you know that this is going to be a good book, a great book. She draws you in, which I find is very important when reading and writing a book. You could immediately immerse yourself in April-May February's (The main character) world. She is spunky, interesting and smart, three characteristics I LOVE in the main character of a book. I loved how she could be quirky and funny and smart, all at the same time.

The plot was brilliant! It was a constant adventure that kept you guessing and turning the pages. Every time one of the chapters finished, it would leave you on a cliffhanger, URGENTLY needing to read the next chapter.

Another aspect I loved about Melly, Fatty and Me was that it is based in South Africa, which was lovely that I was able to familiarize myself with the book. I also found a few South African words in there and I would just smile when I read them,like; braaing, gemors and boep. They also talked about Pretoria and Johannesburg a place where I have previously lived and some of the places I went to were also mentioned in the book e.g. Gold Reef City! :) 

It was just a really lovely, sweet book about a spunky girl, her nose-breathing friend Melly (Melanie), the new bursary kid, Fatty (Ericca Ntona/Eric Catona) and bad boy Sebastian (Bas). You don't often get Young Adult books these days that aren't gory or about werewolves and vampires and this was a really nice change.

If you want to read a book written by a fellow South African, then all South Africans, read this. If you want to read this book and you're overseas, READ this, you can learn a lot about South Africa from it! 

I really enjoyed this book and I think you would be quite silly to miss out on such a good read!

I give it: 5 CUPCAKES!