Blogger Interview with Booked Up!

Hi Everyone! 
I am super excited to be interviewing Jessica from Booked up! on the Blog of a Bookaholic! 
She has a fantastic book blog and she has been very helpful to me when I've had questions about blogging! :)
Here is the interview! :) 
Booked Up!

1. Hi Jess! Your blog is awesome! Why did you start a book blog and when?
Thanks Kyra, that's so nice of you to say. Well I started blogging in January 2012, and have enjoyed every moment of it since. I created Booked Up! was because of several reasons. One being that I have loved books ever since I could read, but have never had anyone to discuss books with. Most of my friends aren't as book-crazy as me, so I never get to have a fun chat about the latest books I've read. Then I realised I could make a book blog, where I could talk and talk and talk about books in every post. My idea of heaven! 

2. What do you love most about blogging?
Great question! There are so many things I adore about blogging. I love typing up new posts full of bookish news, I love interviewing amazing authors, and I just generally enjoy being a part of the book-blogging community. 
3. What is the nicest things someone has said to you about your blog?
I've been told some really nice comments from people, and I really appreciate all the support I get in blogging. From family, friends, everybody!

4. Who are your favourite authors?
Ooo, so many to name! Well, Jacqueline Wilson was my whole childhood, and now I adore Sophia Bennent's novels, anything from Julie Kagawa, Paige Harbison, Rachel Caine. . . the list is endless! 

5. What are your favourite books?
I'm currently in love with The Morganville Vampires books from Rachel Caine. They are truly fantastic reads, and I am so happy that there are going to be over 15 books in this series.

6. Have you got any pets?
Yes, of course! In my house, I have two dogs, one cat, two guinea pigs and one hamster. I love animals, and am currently volunteering in a dog shelter. 

7. Would you like to write a book one day and if so what type of book?
Unlike most book bloggers, my "dream" isn't to be a published author. Although obviously that would be pretty fantastic, I am really aiming to be working "behind the scenes". A.K.A. In a publishing company, maybe as an editor or agent, not an author.

8. Where is your favourite place to read?
I typically spend every day reading just on the sofa or lounging outside in the garden. Nothing fancy, I'm afraid, but it's the most relaxing place for me!

9. What weather do you most prefer to read in? 
All weathers!

10. What is your favourite subject?
My favourite subject has to be English. Reading, writing, what's not to love? 

11. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 7 items would you take with you?
If you mean 7 books, then I'd have to cheat and take The Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine (which would be 12 books!)

And now for... Quick questions :)

Outside or inside?

Sweet or savoury? 

Sports or arts/culture?

Summer or winter?

Computer or TV?

Dog or Cats?
Urm, both? :)

Ebook or paperback/hardback?
Paperback all the way!

Healthy food or junk food?
Junk food!

Happy ending or sad ending?
Happy ending.

No problem, Kyra. Thanks for having me on your fantastic blog! 
Jessica xx

Thank you so much Jess it has been a pleasure to interview you! :)