Review - The Chimney Corner Collection - Enid Blyton

The Chimney Corner Collection - Enid Blyton 

Chimney Corner Collection: 100 Stories in 1 Volume!
Title: The Chimney Corner Collection
Author: Enid Blyton 
Genre: Fantasy, Magical, Children's 
Publication: September 1, 2011 
Pages: Paperback, 564 pages

Amazon:This is a fantastic bumper volume of classic stories from a much-loved author. Curl up round the fire, hang your stocking on the mantlepiece, and plunge into Enid Blyton's magical world of toys that come alive, animals that talk and magical folk who get into all sorts of scrapes. Enid Blyton was the queen of short, quirky stories full of imaginative adventures and unusual characters. Packed full of magic and wonder, these tales will delight children everywhere. This title includes magical tales of excitement and adventure from Enid Blyton.

When I saw this book in my local library I was MEGA excited! Enid Blyton is and always will be one of my most favourite childhood authors EVER! She just has such a magical, quaint way of writing and when I read this book I could just remember when I was eight, sitting on the couch, dying of the heat and reading a...Enid Blyton book of course! I love the way her characters come to life and how she writes such interesting stories with such good morals! 
I REALLY enjoyed this book, so the review isn't as long but all I'm saying is READ THIS BOOK! Yes, it is for younger readers but you will enjoy the stories nevertheless! And if you read her books as a child, you will seriously LOVE this! 

I give it: 5 CUPCAKES!