Review - Lily B on the Brink of Love - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Review - Lily B on the Brink of Love - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

I really enjoyed this book I was laughing so hard at sometimes I couldn't breathe and other times I was trying to figure out some of the fancy words in the book while when I finished the book I realised that there was a dictionary of the words in the back!
This book is about the hilarious, teenage, author to-be, Lily Blennerhassett who has fallen in LOVE. She has a job of an advice columnist for the school newspaper and then her best friend, Charlotte, finds a note on the bulletin board that is an author looking for an assistant to help her. Lily gets chosen. That's all I'll say. Because if I say anymore it will give it away! You must read this book, it will have you in stitches of laughter!

I'd give this book 10/10! Loved it!

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