My TENTH Post! :D - Books that look REALLY Good


I just found out about these books and I thought the looked pretty cool! Hopefully I'll get to buy them on my Amazon Kindle!
PS. The "blurbs" are taken from
  • Wildwood - Colin Meloy
  • The One Dollar Horse - Lauren St John
  • Twelve minutes to Midnight - Christopher Edge
  • The Look - Sophia Bennet
  • The Girl in the Mask - Marie - Louise Bensen
  • The Considine Curse - Gareth P. Jones
  • The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop - Kate Saunders
  • A Year Without Autumn - Liz Kessler
  • Lilah May's Manic Days - Vanessa Curtis
  • Crow Girl - Kate Cann
If any of you have read these books or have any other books you think would be nice to read - post a comment and we can share the joy of reading and sharing books around!

Bookaholic 007