Book Haul - I treated myself to a Kindle Fire and bought so! many! books!

Happy Saturday! I hope you guys are doing well. I'm feeling quite content this morning; the sun is shining and I've got coffee and chocolate, which is all you need really, right?

The past few weeks I've been getting super into reading and blogging again which has been SO NICE. I think I've also fallen in love with reviewing again. Sharing my thoughts on books was what initially drove me to starting a blog, but along the way I became so focused on writing super-long, eloquent reviews that it kind of sucked the joy out of reviewing for me. However, I seem to be finding my feet again which is so reassuring.

This past week has been good! I've been exercising again now that my cold is gone, organising, doing maths, doing Bible study, uni's been a fairly busy week. I was worried that I'd get super bored at home, but I've managed to avoid it so far. 🤞

I also ordered me a Kindle Fire last week and it arrived on Wednesday! I've had my Kindle for eight years, and although it's still in a good condition, I wanted something I could read my library's ebooks and magazines on. I've been using my mom's old iPad to read ebooks and science magazines on but it's so slow and super bulky, so I'm so happy with my purchase! 

I've also gone a litttttle bit cray with buying ebooks this week BUT, in my defense, most of them were free or 99p. It's all good! 

1. Stung and Shaken by Joss Stirling
Joss Stirling's books are quickly becoming comfort reads for me. They're quick, fun reads. I bought the first book from a charity store awhile back, so I'm super excited to marathon this series! I think it's a YA mystery/thriller set in a boarding school. I LOVE BOARDING SCHOOL BOOKS.

It's a goldilocks retelling. YES, PLEASE.

I can't believe my luck with this book - I got it for 99p! I read the 4th book this week and have the 5th book out from the library. I wanted to buy the 6th book as I like reading a series back-to-back, but it was £6 on the Kindle, and although I wanted to read it, I didn't want to read it that much. Then two days later I was scrolling through YA romance novels and I saw that this was marked down to £0.98 - what a bargain!

I know it's about the lost city of Atlantis. I thought it was a mermaid book but apparently not? It sounds interesting though! 

Magical libraries! Romance! Vengeful wizards! 

This looks SO GOOD. This girl suddenly develops these powers and finds out she was created. It's also a multidimensional book? Sounds super interesting!

Sometimes you're just in the mood for a good paranormal romance. This is a vampire book and I'm not really a fan of vampires (understatement of the century) but this sounds eerie and interesting, so I'll give it a go! 

Vikings!!! It's a historical romance between a Viking army general and an English princess. It sounds good! 

This sounds so good! It's a prep school mystery and a romance and it looks so good!! It's got pretty good reviews too, so I'm excited to read this. 

This sounds like such a cute contemporary romance! The reviews are good and apparently it's super sweet. 😍

I thought this was a YA book but I se it's actually marketed as NA...I've never read NA before but I know it has a reputation for being quite steamy. I'm hoping this won't be too steamy, because if it is I won't be finishing it lol! 

This sounds really cute! It's a snowboarding romance and I think it's friends-to-lovers too, which is one of my favourite tropes. 😍

This is a Christian fiction book and it sounds quite Nicholas Sparks-y which I'm all about. 

This is about a girl who develops powers after falling into a coma. She then meets a hot guy who also has aforementioned powers. It sounds like a good paranormal romance! 

This sounds SO CUTE!! It's got one of my other favourite tropes in (fake-dating) and the bad boy sounds like he's not such a bad boy after all. I love reading these kind of books in summer, so my reading for the next few months is sorted.

This sounds like an amazing fantasy novel about destiny and purpose - I think I'm going to love it.

This is about the physics of the ordinary things. It sounds so interesting and I'm really excited to read it! 

This is pretty much a modern classic that so many people speak about! I need to finally get around to reading it. *_*

This sounds super cute and summery! Hate-to-love romances are a prominent focus in this too and it sounds adorable.

This is a baseball romance (never thought I'd use that phrase on my blog but here I am) that sounds like it's going to be super fun and hilarious! 

Aix Marks the SpotIt Sounded Better in My HeadChelsea HighThe Raven and the Dove (The Raven and the Dove, #1)Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones, #1)

I'm currently reading Chosen Ones and...I don't know how I feel about it. I really like the concept but there's quite a bit of swearing and it's also a lot heavier than I thought it would be...I'm currently on 16% so once I hit the 25% mark I'll see if I'll keep reading or not.

TomorrowStronger, Faster, And More Beautiful

These both sound so good!!! Have you read them?

As you can see, I went a little bit crazy. But at least I'll have a lot to keep me busy with the next few months! Have you read any of these? What did you think? What was your latest addition to your shelf, virtual or physical?