Top Ten Tuesday - Fictional characters I'd love to be best friends with!

*Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl*
I love characters. Characters are essentially what makes or breaks a book for me. Mediocre writing? Okay. Lack of plot? Not ideal, but I can cope. Characters who I can’t connect with? Bye.

Characters are what makes me love a book. There have been several books I’ve read that have featured characters I’ve absolutely adored and wanted nothing more for than for them to be real. Without further adieu, these are the characters I would definitely be Best Friends with:

1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
How could Hermione not be on this list? She’s academic, loyal, insanely clever, and loves reading. We could be study buddies together and go to the library and haul all the books!! SUCH FUN!

2. Ed & Henry from The Paper & Hearts Society
Ed is hilarious and Henry seems quite quiet and deep. They both love reading and I feel like I would have an amazing time being friends with them! Although I think I'd probably fall in love with Henry, so there's that...
3. Beatriz from All the Crooked Saints
She’s quiet and thoughtful and super intelligent. I feel like she’d be the kind of friend you can just be with. You don’t need to constantly talk or keep each other occupied, you can just enjoy each other’s company.

4. Alex Rider by Alex Rider
Even though Alex Rider is probably a bit too young to hang out with (I think he’s 15?), I would have loved to be something like a sister-figure to him. He’s a thoughtful, calm character and I would love to go on his spy missions!

5. Seraphina by Seraphina
I LOVED Seraphina. She’s quite quirky and quiet. I think she would also be a great friend to have philosophical conversations with, have music sessions together, and also just be in each other’s company without feeling like you have to entertain them.

6. Sally Jones from The Murderer’s Ape
Furry friends are the best friends, right? I absolutely LOVE Sally Jones. She’s such an incredible character. She’s wise and courageous and kind and I LOVE HER SO MUCH.

7. Jane Grey, Edward, and Glifford from My Lady Jane
These three are such wonderful characters. They’re hilarious and have brilliant dynamics - I would love to accompany them in all their hilarious shenanigans!

8. Finn, Sean, Roza, and Petey from Bone Gap
These characters are amazing. They’re all so complex and thoughtful and incredible...I absolutely adore them!

9. Tessa from The Infernal Devices
I love Tessa! She loves reading. I love reading. We could read together! I would have to try not to gawk at Will Herondale though because I LOVE HIM.

10. Thomas from Ink and Bone
Again, such a clever, kind, gentle character. He’s so amazing and I absolutely loved reading about him in Ink and Bone! Definitely a character I’d like to spend time with.

Which fictional characters would you be best friends with?