Why a new year is SUPER EXCITING for bookworms

I love the start of a new year. It motivates me, encourages me and makes me super excited for the 365 days ahead. However, I think it's even more exciting if you're a bookworm! There are several bookish things that make me SUPER EXCITED about the start of a new year.

1. Setting your Goodreads challenge goal
OH, HOW I LOVE THIS. There's something super exciting about declaring to the masses that you aim to read "x" amount of books. It's super fun to have a goal to work towards and to see if you can reach it, or even beat it!

2. Seeing what colour the Goodreads challenge button will be
This is something I anticipate. Do I need to get out more?

3. Creating lists of ALLLL the bookish goals
You might not accomplish all the goals you set out to (which is totally okay!!), but at least you got to make a super fun list in the process! I absolutely love looking at the areas in my life I could improve on. Like this year I want to stop taking out so many library books and read my own books, dang it! 

4. All the blog post ideas that are suddenly! brimming! 
I don't know about you, but I come up with so many more ideas towards the end of a year and the start of a new year. There are all the "favourite reads" and "most disappointing reads", all the "new releases I'm DYING to read" and "the releases I didn't get to". There are just so many exciting posts to write looking back on all the books we've read and all the books we have yet to read! 

Each new year brings more amazing books. I'll be writing my 2019 releases I'm looking forward to reading soon, and I AM EXCITED. There's nothing I enjoy more than scouring the YA Novels of "X" Year on Goodreads and drooling over them. 

6. Creating TBR piles
Don't you guys love making a list of books you want to try to get to in the new year? I DO! I find it so exciting to look through my shelves and decide what books I definitely want to get to in the new year. I don't always listen to myself, but again, I LOVE THE PROCESS.

7. Getting a new planner for all your blogging/reading goals
AH. I LOVE getting a new planner each year! I have a super cute giraffe one; I love it. There is a "notes" section before each month where I can record the posts I want to write and the books I want to read. I can track release dates of ARCs I've been sent, blog tours etc. IT'S WONDERFUL. 

8. Planning Instagram posts
This might just be me, but I tend to really get into Instagram at the beginning of the year. This year I've scheduled posts (with captions!) for the first 2 weeks of January, taken new pictures, commented on other bookstagrammers' posts...MUCH EXCITEMENT. 

A new year generally means we get the sequels to the books we read the previous year! Three sequels I can't wait for are:
1. The Wicked King
2. Finale
3. Deviant


10. Book events! 
I haven't been to many book events, but I know there are big events each year that a lot of us anticipate. I HOPE that I can go to YALC this year. It looks amazing! I seriously hope I get a job soon so I can start saving! 

Ah, a new year is so exciting! Do you agree with these? What other things excite you about the new year?