What I've Been Reading #33 - I read a lot! Yay!

I hope you guys are doing well! 

I can officially say my best friend is visiting next week. The reality is finally kicking in, and I am SO excited.

Last week was quite a chilled week. I started feeling better on Wednesday, but I decided to take it super easy the rest of the week as I was super ill. I read a lot, wrote quite a few reviews, watched some movies. 

This week I'm going to start working through some further maths textbooks, as I can feel my maths skills are declining after not having done it for awhile. I'm also going to continue doing my biology course I started, as I was really enjoying it! 

I read 4 books last week: 
Agent Without Licence - ⭐
Defending the Gospel
Contagion (reread)⭐.5

Yay! I managed to read quite a lot of books last week. I really enjoyed every single book I read, which is all I ask for as a bookworm. Not much, right?

Deception (Dark Matter #2)

I'm so excited to finally be reading this!!! 

Evolution (Dark Matter #3)

You are correct, I am indeed binge-reading the Dark Matter trilogy. I haven't marathoned a book series in ages, and I am muchly enjoying it! 

What books are you reading this week? Have you read any good books lately?