Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I would LOVE to meet!

Authors are amazing. They manage to create characters and worlds that feel so real. They make us feel all these emotions with words, and they manage to actually think of actual plots (SOMETHING I CAN'T DO). I have mad respect for authors.

1. Anthony Horowitz
I love Anthony Horowitz. I've been reading his books since I was 9 years old. I'm now nineteen and still reading all his books. The Alex Rider series is one of my all-time favourites and were the highlight of my sixteenth summer!

2. Enid Blyton
This is literally impossible, seeing as she's no longer with us, but I would've loved to meet Enid Blyton. Her books were what really shaped my love for reading and were the first proper books I ever read. I remember days in South Africa when it was too hot to go outside, I'd be sitting inside reading one Enid Blyton book after the other.

3. Lemony Snicket
Otherwise known as Daniel Handler. Alongside Enid Blyton, the Series of Unfortunate Events books were also books that shaped me as a reader. My nieghbour loaned me the first book in the series, and I LOVED it. I think I was six or seven at the time? It was very different from all the other books I'd read (which was mainly the "learn to read" kind).

4. Nicholas Sparks
I would like to ask him why he enjoys breaking his readers' hearts so? Also, can he teach me how to write plot and characters and all the feels because I ADMIRE MUCHLY.

5. Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson is AMAZING. The Heroes of Olympus series is AMAZING. ALL HIS BOOKS ARE AMAZING. I love how he writes with so much humour. I love the characters, the plots, the friendship dynamics...his books are amazing. Also, funny story. I was at church the other day and one of the kids (I'm guessing from Sunday school) had written on the white board "Percabeth is awesome" and another kid had replied underneath "Yes I agree". WELL DONE, LITTLELIES.

6. V.E. Schwab
UM, she's amazing?! Her characters are morally grey yet lovable. Her plots are brilliant. Her writing and world-building is also incredible. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, VICTORIA.

7. Laura Ruby
Ah, the author of one of my FAVOURITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME. I absolutely fell in love with Bone Gap when I read it. I loved it so much that I read it as soon as I'd finished it. I literally never do that. She's an incredible writer.

8. Jandy Nelson
Also an author who has written TWO of my FAVOURITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME. I absolutely love both The Sky is Everywhere and I'll Give You the Sun. Her writing is absolutely breathtaking, and her characters have so much heart

9. Holly Black
I LOVE HOLLY BLACK. She wrote The Darkest Part of the Forest, The Cruel Prince and The Curseworkers trilogy - a.k.a. some of my favourite books ever. I absolutely love Holly Black's plots and writing style, so I'd love to meet her and tell her that!

10. Katie McGarry
Katie McGarry is the QUEEN of contemporary. Her stories are so heartfelt and her characters so real. As an aspiring contemporary YA author, she's my inspiration!

These are the authors I'd LOVE to meet. Which author would you most like to meet?