Stacking the Shelves #110 - ...I went to the library. Again.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! I've been reading a lot this week, looking for work, writing cover letters/editing my CV and writing?! I haven't written in AGES, but I have a story idea and some ideas, so I've been writing here and there. It feels SO GOOD. It's also been Bout of Books this week, so I've been reading a lot. However, I really want to start plotting my novel. I think I'll start next week - focus more on writing instead of reading! 

I ALSO GOT A NEW BOOKCASE!!! Yay! My mom has taken over my smaller bookcase and given me a bigger one. I spent several hours putting the books in alphabetical order and ah, I love it so much! 

Here are pictures of both of my bookcases. Me love them. 💖

I've also been catching up with some friends, which is always nice! It's so crazy to think the schools start up again in 2 weeks - WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

I got a few books out of the library this week...and I've already read THREE of them! WHO EVEN AM I?! I read All Fall Down, See How They Run and Expelled. I absolutely loved the first two books by Ally Carter - they were so much fun to read. Expelled started off really well but the ending...ugh. It was super problematic. It basically used very dark, sensitive topics as a plot device and merely to shock the reader. It was completely unrelated to the rest of the book and so random. It was very disrespectful of the authors to write about matters so flippantly. My rant review will be up this week! 

I am SO EXCITED to read Catwoman: Soulstealer. I loved the Batman and Wonder Woman books, so I'm sure I'll love this one too! I also got My Lady Jane out, as I'd like to read a hilarious, lighthearted book sometime soon. If There's No Tomorrow sounds super good but apparently it's super sad. Caraval is my book club's book of the month - I'm so excited to finally read it! 

These are the books I acquired this week! What books did you get? Have you read anything good this week? Let's talk!