What I've Been Reading #25 - I READ THREE 500+ PAGE BOOKS


I hope you guys are well. I'm feeling really good! I finally feel like I'm in holiday mode: I'm forgetting what day of the week it is, I'm not waking up in a panic thinking "I need to study"...ah, it's beautiful.

England is also SUPER HOT at the moment. Like, 30 degrees hot. I'm absolutely LOVING it! However, the rivers and stuff are drying up, so we do need some rain. Although I don't particularly like rain, I hope we get some soon as we need it! 

Last week was super fun! I met up with a friend I haven't seen in awhile, we went book shopping and we had iced coffee/milkshakes at Patisserie Valerie. GUYS. If you're looking for a place that does nice milkshakes/drinks in general, PV is the place to go. I had a chocolate iced frappe with almond milk, and I loved it. I try not to have too much dairy because it affects my skin, and when I've had almond milk in my drinks at other places, it's never tasted that nice. HOWEVER, this was INCREDIBLE!!! I finally found a place where I can have a non-dairy drink and it tastes really good. 

I've also been in such a reading mood. It's literally ALL I WANT TO DO. I haven't felt like this in months and months and months. Before I'd finished A-levels, I never felt like I could properly relax when I was reading, as I always felt like I "should" have been doing something else. It's so nice to read for pleasure and not feel like I'm supposed to be doing other things. AHHH. Beautiful. 

On Saturday I had to go to Dorset (an hour an a half's drive one way) to my homeopath, and I couldn't find an audiobook to listen to on the way there, so I just listened to Shawn Mendes. His new album is SO GOOOOOOD. I can't stop listening to it!!! I then read City of Heavenly Fire whilst my mom had her appointment. AND THEN, I read on the way back and I didn't get carsick?? WHAT IS THIS?! I pretty much always get carsick when I read in the car, but I didn't! YAY!

This week I have to get a filling done. I'm scared. I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST. And I think I might need another filling in my other tooth...(pls help). I'm also going to volunteer at my church's playgroup this Friday again, which I'm looking forward to! The children are so sweet and it's so much fun teaching them about Jesus and playing games with them!

This week I hope to get more reading done andddd maybe start working on my book? I really want to start writing it!

Also, here's a random picture of my dog. LOOK HOW CUTE AND FLUFFY SHE IS:

 I FINALLY READ CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE!!! WHAT!! My best friend was pestering me constantly to finally bite the bullet and READ THE DARN BOOK ALREADY.  I was in the mood for a fantasy and I needed to read a book over 500 pages...so I read City of Heavenly Fire. IT WAS SO GOOD. I think I cried 5 times. I WAS JUST AN EMOTIONAL WALNUT READING IT OKAY. 

I also read See Me and Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks...they also made me cry. I'm clearly a masochist. ANYWAY. I loved them both so much. See Me was my first Nicholas Sparks book ever. I loved the romance and the plot (it was part-thriller and I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN) and the characters and JUST EVERYTHING OKAY. I immediately had to read another Nicky Sparks book, so I trotted off to my library and checked out his other tome: Two by Two. Guys, I nearly dnfed it!!! It took about 150 pages for the story to actually start going there, but once it did...I was completely swept up into the story. I ended up rating it 4.5/5. I LOVED IT. A pretty sad ending though. I cried.

I'm currently reading The Murderer's Ape by Jakob Wegelius  and FIRSTLY, LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. 
SECONDLY, I'm really loving it! The characters are so wonderful and the story is so heartwarming and ALL THE YESSSSS.

If I feel like reading a contemporary, I'm 94% sure that I'll pick up The Unexpected Everything. If I'm in the mood for something else, I'll probably pick up Renegades, which sounds right up my alley! 

What books did you read this week? Are you on summer holidays? What are you currently reading?