It's a fact universally acknowledged that...bookworms have a hard time. With paper cuts. TBRs to threaten to fall on us, and books that emotionally destroy us (among other things)...the nerd life is the hard life. I've found that with each new season, comes new bookworm problems. As it's now summer (and extremely hot) I've come across a few new bookworm problems...if you relate, we can suffer together.

1. Sweaty hands ruining books from day #1
You know those book covers (generally hardcovers) that show up every single mark ever? Well, it's even worse in summer - sticky fingerprints are constantly marring the aesthetic of the book's cover.

2. Awkward tans/sunburn
When I lived in South Africa, I was reading a book and I was so engrossed in the book, I lost track of time and my neck/chest ended up a lovely shade of lobster red (but the rest of me went brown, so yay for that). That was the first (and hopefully the last) time I was sunburned. WEAR SUNSCREEN, KIDS. And read in the shade. Better safe than sorry, right?

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3. The anxiety of spending time by a lake/pool/any kind of water anywhere
WATER-LOGGED BOOKS ARE NOT FUN. They take forever to dry, and when they do, the ink has run/the pages are all wavy and weird and IT'S RUUUUUINED.

4. Spilling water/iced tea/ice cream on your book
ICE CREAM. I loveee ice cream. However, I tend to spill it on my books sometimes. I KNOW, I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON. (Gosh, there's a lot of book damage that occurs in summer? Or maybe that's just me, idk).

5. It gets even more difficult to find a comfortable reading position
Lie on your bed and read? DEATH BY HEATSTROKE.
Lie on a blanket in the garden in the shade? NATURE IS LOUD AND THE GROUND IS HARD
I just want to read in peace, is that too much to ask?

6. Deciding what books to take on holiday
I mean, you could just take your Kindle...but where's the fun in that? You'll probably end up packing 24 books for a 5 day holiday because you can't decide. You just can't - it's impossible.

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7. Not being able to read because you're TOO HOT
As much as I love the heat, sometimes there are days where it's just too hot for me to concentrate on a book when I feel like I've been dipped into a fiery lake of lava. The best I can manage is to sit in front of the fan and feed myself ice cream.

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