My Easter Weekend Reading Plan!

It's almost Easter! I have a large amount of chocolate and an even larger amount of books to get through this weekend which is very exciting, right?!

I'm hoping it rains or snows this weekend so that I can spend the next four days curled up in bed with a good book and a hot cross bun. 

To make my weekend reading plan even MORE fun, I thought I'd participate in a readathon, because I LOVE READATHONS. Surprisingly, I only came across one being hosted this weekend! Kate from Reading Through Infinity is hosting a four day long readathon, from tomorrow (Friday the 31st of March) until Monday the 2nd of April. The goal is to just read - that's it!

I have quite a few books I'd like to get through this weekend, and seeing as I'm not doing any revision, I'm hoping to get a fair amount of reading in. 

These are the books I'd like to read this weekend...

This book has been one of the FREE reads of the month on Simon & Schuster's Riveted Lit website. I'm about 40% through, so I need to try to power my way through the remaining 60% before Saturday! I'm really enjoying it, by the way. 

I started this book a week or two ago, made it a few pages, then realised it had to be back at the library that day. Oh, the sadness. LUCKILY (because I'm a terrible blogger), I still have an old ARC of it on my Kindle. Happy days! I think it's also a fairly short book so FINGERS CROSSED. 

I read 2.5 of this series in one day last week, so I'd like to read more of them this weekend. HOWEVER, because they're super quick and super easy to read, I may keep them for May/June when I have exams, because I doubt I'll have much brain power for proper reading. My brain will be too filled with physics formulas.

4. One of my library books

I'm thinking either The Cruel Prince, The Last Namsara or All the Crooked Saints. Fairies, dragons or miracles...what will it be?!

Hopefully I can update you on Tuesday with several completed books! 

Are you going to join me in having a BOOKED Easter weekend?! If you are, what would you hoping to read?