Christmas Week Reading List!

CHRISTMAS IS IN A WEEK! *runs around yelling*

I haven't decorated my tree or made Christmas Cards! I've been so busy procrastinating studying astrophysics and eating mince pies, BUT I'm finally on holiday (until the 3rd of January!) and I feel like I'm able to breathe easier now. November was super busy (I WROTE 51K WORDS AND IT WAS HARD) and the past few weeks have been busy with school and ballet and helping out at my church's cafe once a week. It's been busy but so fun!

ANYWAY, back to the point (I do apologise for getting side-tracked so easily): as I'm now on holiday and it's a week before Christmas, I thought I'd make a Christmas reading list. There's a 5% chance (and that's probably an optimistic exaggeration) that I'll read any of these books this week, but it's the thought that counts, right?

So, last year I was adamant that I was going to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (can you get anymore Christmassy than that? I don't think so), but I didn't. So this year I NEED TO READ IT. Even if I don't finish it, I'll know I tried (which is better than I did last year and yes, I will proceed to reward myself with a mince pie for my efforts #doitforthemincepieamiright). I'd also like to finally read Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. I've been meaning to read it forever AND I NEED TO GET TO IT SOON. So, those are two books I'm going to try to get to this week!

BONUS: Finish the 3 other books I've been reading since October
DOUBLE-BONUS: Read Let It Snow by John Green. It looks so festive! I've never had a white Christmas (I lived in South Africa 14/18 years of my life and since it's generally 30 degrees during December there, you can understand why) and the part of England I live in doesn't get much snow. So, I'll read a snowy Christmas book and pretend it's my reality. YAY FOR BOOKS!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get around to reading 5 books but I SHALL TRY.

Are you planning on reading any festive books leading up to Christmas? If so, which ones? Have you ever had a white Christmas? IS IT AS MAGICAL AS IT LOOKS IN THE MOVIES?!