The Most Agonizing Moments in a Bookworm's Life

I don't know about you, but as a bookworm, I've encountered a lot of agonizing things. And I still do. On a regular basis. Nerd life is the best life but it's most certainly not for the faint of hearted. Below I have listed some things we experience on a regular basis, they may break our hearts and frustrate us but it's worth it because BOOKS AND FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. 

1. People who criticise the fact that you a) read b) read ____ (insert specific genre here) c) BOTH
I CAN NOT TELL YOU the amount of times someone has made a comment about the books I read. I've very lucky that I haven't had a lot of people tell me that reading is stupid/a waste of time etc (maybe because I'm so straight-forward about the fact that I like reading they don't feel the need to say that? I don't know) BUT I have had SO MANY PEOPLE be like “Ew you read YA? That's such a waste of time, those books have no substance, read something more educational” blah blah blah. THE OTHER DAY this lady that we had just met was speaking to my mom and my mom was like “Ja my daughter wants to be an astrophysicist etc” and then a few moments later I pull out my Batman graphic novel I was reading and the lady was like “I can't comprehend how a clever girl like you can read Batman comics” and I was like hahaha but in my head I was like YO, BARBARA, WHY DON'T YOU JUST LET PEOPLE ENJOY THINGS. DON'T RAIN ON MAH PARADE. I was very much annoyed.

2. Paper cuts
The other day I was innocently paging through a book, enjoying the fast-pace, flicking through the pages at a rapid speed when the book decides it needs to slice me and draw blood because it's a vindictive little fiend. AFTER ALL I'VE DONE FOR YOU. GIVEN YOU A HOME. KEPT YOU WARM. LOVED YOU. So much betrayal in this world. Rude.

3. Not enough room
Books are taking over my life (what a shocker) but no seriously, I have a whole bookcase in my room, a box of books that don't fit on the bookcase in the spare room, another book case for my recently purchased books and library books. I have books downstairs, I have books on my bed, I have books next to bed and books on the floor. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. But I'm totally okay with that. Who needs to see the floor anyway?

4. Sequels that take approximately 543 years to come out
I read this really, really good contemporary once when I was 14 and the book was supposed to be out that year. FOUR YEARS LATER, STILL NO BOOK. It makes me sad. My ship was getting prepared to sail off into the sunset. The sequel would've had that ship sailing way out, man. Then, you also get books that you read and YOU NEED THE NEXT BOOK LIKE, YESTERDAY but then you only find out that it's released next year OR THE YEAR AFTER. Or two years from now. That is when I curl into a fetal position and curse this cruel world. This leads me onto the next point...

5. Not feeling those same ~feels~ when you eventually get to the sequel
You know when you read a book and it gives you ALL THE FEELS and you have 4 new OTPs and the writing is so beautiful you could eat it and the characters are incredible but you have to wait 5000 years for the next book. Then by the time that book comes out, you've forgotten what happened, you have a vague memory of loving the book but you can't remember why and your feelings have kind of...disappeared? It doesn't happen with every book, but it has happened a lot for me and it's SO FRUSTRATING. I then want to go reread the former book(s) but I can't because a) I'd rather spend that time reading new books and b) I have this not-so-irrational fear that I might not like the book this time around and that makes my heart bleed.

6. The sinkage of OTPs
ISN'T THAT THE WORST? When you ship a ship so much it physically hurts and then they don't get together? They stop talking? They fall out of love? THEY DON'T KISS AND MAKE UP LIKE THEY SHOULD BUT INSTEAD GO THEIR SEPARATE WAYS. OR WORSE, CHOOSE THE OTHER BOY/GIRL. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! 

Image result for tyra banks gif we were rooting for you

7. No money
There are hundreds (read: thousands) of books that I so badly want to buy but I can't because I'm broke...from buying all the other books. I need to buy Lord of Shadows, the new Alex Rider book, Strange the Dreamer but I literally have 65p. Time to start looking for a job! Or start buying less books. Or both.

8. Spoilers
THE AMOUNT OF TIMES I HAVE BEEN SPOILED. You know when you see a spoiler and a part of you just dies inside and your eyes burn because you were supposed to find that out for yourself. Fun fact: Once my friend – EVEN THOUGH I TOLD HER I HADN'T READ IT AND I WAS PLANNING TO – told me the ending of We Were Liars. Worse. Moment. Ever.

9. Fictional characters dying
It PAINS me when this happens. The second book I read this year had a character death in that absolutely broke my heart, I had actual chest pain from it and I still think about it and it's seven months later. It's a painful, painful thing for a bookworm to experience. ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT CHARACTER IS A KIND GENTLE GIANT WHO IS THE MOST AMAZING HUMAN AND SHOULD'VE BEEN PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS- I'm getting choked up again.

10. Damaged books
There is not a time that I feel more like a monster than when I damage my books. Today I was carrying a book in my bag that I'd bought at a charity store and when I took it out the front cover was bent. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER AM I?! I SHOULD NOT BE ROAMING THE STREETS.

11. Slow delivery time
THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I order a lot of books online and it pains me when they take so long to arrive. I like to think of myself as a patient person but when it comes to a new release that I've been dying to read...patience? I have none.

12. Library reservations that take forever
I RESERVED A BATMAN COMIC TWO MONTHS AGO AND IT NEVER CAME IN. #butwhytho I'm also currently waiting on the third book in this one trilogy and I reserved it weeeeeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. BUT THAT'S OKAY because I have tons of other books to read in the mean time but I hope it comes soon so I can photograph all the pretties together.

13. Cliffhangers
NEED I SAY MORE?! Books that end on cliffhangers are the worst (but they're actually the best, let's not lie) especially if you don't have the next book on hand! I absolutely LOVE it when books leave me shrieking and crying and saying “SHUT UP, did that actually just happen? DID IT ACTUALLY END LIKE THAT?!”. It's one of the best things...but also one of the most agonizing.

14. When a book is good but then includes something that makes you say NOW HOLD UP A MINUTE, SON
ISN'T THIS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING EVER?! There have been numerous instances when I'm reading a book and everything is good, the sun is out and the unicorns are dancing but then I come across something that makes me inwardly groan, cringe and bring my hands to my face. It could be something offensive towards mental health/religion/homeschooling (yes, that's happened) or it could be a trope that is harmful (romanticizing mental illness/abuse/UNECESSARY DEATH OF MY PRECIOUS CHARACTERS etc) or it could just be something like the characters beginning to swear too much/take drugs etc (I'm in the minority when I say I don't like reading books where the teenagers swear/drink/take drugs, even though it is quite realistic) but ANYWAY. It breaks my geeky little heart when the book is amazing and then something happens that makes me say “Oh. Oh, no.”

Can you relate to any of these? How many times have you been hit with the “Ew, you read YA/fiction/etc?” question? Can you think of any others to add to the list?