Stacking the Shelves #100 - Please take my library card away from me.

Once I've finished these library books no more until next year. DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT. I mean it. Unless new releases come in. Or there's a book I really really really want to read or...okay, fine. JUST TAKE MY LIBRARY CARD AWAY FROM ME. PLEASE. But don't actually because it's my baby.

I was really good at the library this week! I only took out 3 books and two of them were reservations I made from like, 3 weeks back. So...go me. #selfcontrol

I also got some really awesome book mail that I'm SO EXCITED TO READ. I got Holly Bourne's latest book and you guys know how much I love reading her books! Also, I can't believe I'm meeting her today, I'm so excited and I'm probably going to fangirl too hard. OOPS.

I'm so excited to read these! I've been waiting forever for my reservation of Valiant to come in so I can marathon the Tithe trilogy. Then I've been meaning to read The 100 as I've heard SUCH GOOD THINGS and when I saw The Call I immediately took it out as I first saw it on booktube and I thought it sounded very interesting!

IKSHLKGJSD I got the new Holly Bourne book!!! Excuse me while I flail copiously. I love, love, LOVE her books - you should go read them. The books deal with tough topics in such a brilliant way, there's incredible female friendships, cute romances, and awesome writing. I LOVE IT. I also got #Famous which sounds SO CUTE and Instructions for a Second Hand Heart is going to make me sob. I JUST KNOW IT. 


So pretty. Excuse me while I go hole up in my room with my books because I have MUCH READING AHEAD OF ME!

What books did you acquire this week?