What I've Been Reading #5 - Bristol adventuring, books and school

What I've Been Reading (is that even what I called it? I can't even remember) is a post thingy that was inspired by Book Journey's "It's Monday! What are you reading?" that I began writing back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.  I always love seeing what you guys have been reading, what books you've been liking and what books you've been disliking and I thought doing this post every now and then might invite some discussion on what we've all been reading! YAY! 

Hello everybody!

I hope you guys are all having a fantastic August so far! My August has been good. I've read three books this week and I'm incredibly proud of that as I've been super busy with school! School has been going well and I got a super snazzy new pencil case which I love muchly. We also went to Bath/Bristol and surrounding areas and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Although we've lived in the area we currently reside in before (we lived in the UK when I was 9 for almost three years!) it's never felt like home but, dare I say it, whenever I visit Bristol it feels like a place that could possibly feel like a home. I hope I can move there someday!

I also found the best shop in the world! It has CDs, records, vintage clothing and books. If they had a cafe it would be perfect and I'm pretty sure I would live there!

Dominion (The Chronicles of the Invaders, #3)Dear CharlieSlam

I LOVED DOMINION SO MUCH. It was such an explosive end to a fantastic trilogy! I'm so upset though as I wrote a long review on it and when I went to publish the draft it had completely disappeared from my Blogger posts! WHY. 

I also read Dear Charlie and Slam, both were good reads. Not favourites but enjoyable enough!

Bad MagicTwo SummersThe Serpent King

I've heard fantastic things about The Serpent King so I'm super excited to get to that! Two Summers also looks like the perfect summer read and Bad Magic looks utterly enthralling - hopefully I'll love them all!

What books did you read last week? What are you currently reading? Have any of your Blogger posts disappeared? Let me know!