Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bout of Books 17.0 Wrap-Up!

Bout of Books

Well, I didn't do as well as I could have but I'm proud of what I did manage achieve! I hit a mild reading slump in the middle of the week *cries* so despite wanting to read...I also didn't want to read. Sad, sad times. However, I did manage to read 3 books and 2 of them I really enjoyed!
Super AwkwardThe Thousandth FloorBad Luck (Bad, #2)

Pages read: 72 pages 
Books read: 0
Pages read total: 72
Books read total: 0

Pages read: 236 pages 
Books read: 1
Pages read total: 309
Books read total: 1

Pages read: 161
Books read: 0
Pages read total: 470
Books read total: 1

Pages read: 123
Books read: 1
Pages read total: 593
Books read total: 2

Zero. I went to friends so I didn't really have time to read!

Pages read: 304
Books read: 0...but very nearly finished my book
Pages read total: 897
Books read total: 2

Pages read: 105
Books read: 1
Pages read total: 1002
Books read total: 3

So I didn't achieve my goal of reading 4 books but I did read 100 pages or more on most days so I'm happy with that! 

How did your Bout of Books go and did you achieve your goals? Let me know!

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