Bout of Books 17.0 - Day 4, 5 and 6 Update!

Bout of Books

Pages read: 72 pages 
Books read: 0
Pages read total: 72
Books read total: 0

Pages read: 236 pages 
Books read: 1
Pages read total: 309
Books read total: 1

Pages read: 161
Books read: 0
Pages read total: 470
Books read total: 1

Pages read: 123
Books read: 1
Pages read total: 593
Books read total: 2

Zero. I went to friends so I didn't really have time to read!

Pages read: 304
Books read: 0...but very nearly finished my book
Pages read total: 897
Books read total: 2

So, I have done terribly at this Bout of Books because I've felt as if I'm on the verge of a reading slump and it's SO FRUSTRATING. UGH. However, I picked up Super Awkward by Beth Garrod yesterday and I have 100 pages left - it's most definitely brought me out of any slump that may have thought of occurring! YAS.

How is your Bout of Books going?