2016 Goals, Resolutions and Reading Challenges

I say this every single year and I probably will continue saying this for every New Years post I write, but HOW IS IT THE NEW YEAR (almost) ALREADY?!  It literally feels like the start of 2015 was just yesterday. But nopenopenopeitynope, it was nearly a year ago. Good heavens.

This year has been good despite a few stressful moments and mainly filled with joy, laughter, and quite a few changes and I'm excited to see what the new year brings. This year I've moved countries (!!!). I've met my favorite author, I've taken exams (I got an A in physics, something I honestly thought I was going to fail), I got to see my brother after not seeing him for 3 years, saw friends I haven't seen in 5 years, started ballet and many other wonderful things!

I absolutely love the start of a new year, it's so refreshing and motivating and I love making lists of goals I want to accomplish. I feel like I haven't been accomplishing as much as I would've liked the past couple of years, mainly due to my anxiety, but this year, I really want to try to accomplish the goals I set for myself! So without further adieu,


Personal Goals:
1. BE MORE POSITIVE. I am quite a negative person and I often tend to get stuck in a worry cycle and view things in a negative light, which I don't want to do anymore. I really want to try to view things in a more positive light.

2. ENJOY THE "NOW". I often tend to focus on the past or the future and I SERIOUSLY NEED TO STOP WITH THAT GOSH.

3. EXERCISE/STRETCH MORE. I've actually been doing the Blogilates beginner calendar/monthly calendar on and off but I would like to try to workout 6/7 days a week.

4. TRY TO BE A BETTER CHRISTIAN. We've been attending church again lately and it just reminded me how much closer I want to be to God.

5. GET As IN MY EXAMS. I did quite well in my last exams and I'm determined to get As in my following exams too! It's just awful how little reading I can get in with all the studying. *cries 5ever*

6. START ANOTHER DANCE CLASS. I'm currently doing contemporary ballet but I'd love to start classical ballet and contemporary. THIS SHALL HAPPEN.

8. DO A PIROUETTE. I WILL ACCOMPLISH THIS...EVENTUALLY. I tried doing several of these in my room and I fell several times and my mom thought the ceiling was going to fall through but nope, just me pretending I'm a ballerina.

Bookish Goals:
1. READ MORE. And preferably faster. SO MANY BOOKS SO LITTLE TIME.

2. BLOGGING SCHEDULE. My blogging has been quite sporadic of late and I'd like to become more organised with that!

3. COMPLETE AND UPDATE CHALLENGE LISTS. I am awful at this.I always get really ambitious and sign up to all the challenges and then like, half-way into the year I forget that I signed up for challenges and I'm like WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING and then I'm like a floundering penguin, so this year I will only sign up to one or two and stick to them. 

4. WRITE MORE ORIGINAL POSTS. Lately I've been doing a lot of memes and I really want to change that as I want my blog to have original posts. I SHALL WORK ON THIS.

These are quite ambitious, but I really want to achieve them! What are your 2016 resolutions?