Stacking the Shelves #75 - A Small Haul because for the First Time in Forever I was Capable of Something like Self-Restraint

Stacking the Shelves

As you can see from the title, I didn't go all-out with requesting/library/buying and I am extremely proud of myself!

Yes, yes, I am doing exactly that.

So, I know I said I wouldn't request anything on Netgalley but then I saw a contemporary that looked great, as well being able to download a book because a book club I'm part of contacted the publicist. SO YAY!

Netgalley Books Received:
The Boy Next DoorThe Secrets Between You and Me (Stolen Kisses #2)

THEY'RE CONTEMPORARIES. And they look really good. And I can't wait to read them! Squee!

What books did you get this weekend?


  1. You've shown incredible restraint! I tried, but didn't do do well. Better than I usually do though. I'm really looking forward to reading The Boy Next Door. Enjoy your books and have a great weekend!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My StS

  2. Very proud of you, Kyra!! *wipes away tear* I hope you enjoy both of these!! :D

  3. I'm in a buying ban as well BUT I might have broken it when Colleen Hoover said Ugly Love paperback was on sale.....Annnyway, high five for staying strong :) I hope you enjoy the books :)
    Here's MY STS
    Genesis @ GenGen's Book Blog

  4. I'm trying to deal with pulling back on galleys because I rarely actually get to them in a timely fashion. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  5. I actually had a small haul this week as well. You got some nice books as well.

  6. I got a book called Elizabeth is missing and it's about amnesia and mystery and I just couldn't leave it behind!

  7. I haven't been so restrictive on Netgalley myself but I am more careful. Can't wait to read our book together! Great post! :D

  8. I really want to read The Boy Next Door as well! I'd never heard of the other one, but I'm checking it on goodreads immediately. I love contemporaries!

    I hope you'll enjoy reading them :D

  9. The Boy Next Door is one that I've been seeing around quite a lot lately so it must be pretty good! I hope that you enjoy your books! :)

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  10. I'm curious about The Boy Next Door! I don't have a book haul this week. Can you believe it?

  11. OH GO YOU. Self control. I'm so proud. :') I was very self-controlled at the library this week too and only brought home Mortal Coil and Black Heart. Yaaaay I might actually (sort of) catch up on my TBR soon! The Boy Next Door looks super cute!

  12. Ooh. The Boy Next Door looks so good, hope you enjoy your haul!
    -Jon from Bookish Antics!

  13. The Boy Next Door looks like a perfect read for right now and The Secrets Between You and Me looks great for a summer kickoff! Happy Reading!

    my STS

  14. Our book club right now is reading Nancy Boyarsky's The Swap and it's been so great for us! We are always looking for a great club read, so if you found one then that's good enough for us! Boyarsky's again is great for a club, her site is Any other great ideas or recs please let me know!

  15. THE BOY NEXT DOOR! I close blogger from of mine LOVED THAT ONE! I hope it's an enjoyable read for you, love! <3


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