Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Bout of Books 12.0 - Update: Day 2!

Bout of Books

I really wanted to finish Skulduggery Pleasant #7 yesterday but I only started reading quite late and I read up to page 558 but then I got really tired as it was 5 minutes till midnight and I was reading but I was skimming, so I knew I needed to sleep. BUT I WILL FINISH IT TODAY.

How's Bout of Books going for you?! 

Number of pages read today: 400
Number of books read today: 0
Number of pages read in total: 400
Number of books read in total: 0

Number of pages read today: 136
Number of books read today: BUT I NEARLY FINISHED IT
Number of pages read in total: 536
Number of books read in total: 0. Meh.


  1. Great job on your read-a-thon. Seems like that was a pretty long one. :)

  2. The Skulduggery Pleasant series is so great! And perfect for a read-a-thon as well since they're such fast paced reads. I'm only up to book 4 myself (think I've talked to you about this already hahaha). Going great on the read-a-thon, well done (: I've finished my first book so far, and am starting on Throne of Glass!

  3. LOOK AT THAT, You're doing fantastically! I would never have the time, or strength to carry on.

  4. It is! I NEED BOOK 8 DESPERATELY! I need to read Throne of Glass - hope you enjoy! :D

  5. THANK YOU! Ha, I think I'm in a bit of reading slump. THIS IS TERRIBLE.

  6. Wow girl you're doing really well! *brings out the pompoms*


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