Top Ten Tuesday #24 - Top 15 Goals for 2015 (Bookish, blogging or otherwise)

It's the day before the last day of 2014, which is partially terrifying but also partially refreshing. It's time to turn over a new leaf and forgot the troubles we've had this year and focus on being a better person for the next year. These are my Top 15 bookish, blogging and personal goals for 2015 (5 each).

  1. Read 2 or 3 books a week after exam season. I have my exams coming up and I'm FREAKING OUT. When I have exams most of my time is spent studying and I find myself not being able to do much else because every time I found myself doing something non-school related I feel guilty, which is stupid but that's just me. I know I won't read much during exams, but once that's done, I hope to read two or three books a week.

  2. Read primarily review books. The amount of review books I have to read is absurd and I definitely want to lessen that pile.

  3. RAISE MY NETGALLEY RATIO. I was hoping to do that this year, but I didn't and it's definitely my main priority bookish wise for next year. I think mine is currently at around 43% (which is utterly appalling) and I'm hoping to raise it to over 50% next year! LET'S HOPE THIS HAPPENS.

  4. Read more ebooks. I don't actually read that many ebooks, which is weird as I love my Kindle but I'm hoping to read more ebooks next year!

  5. Read 2015 releases. I barely ever read books released the year it currently is as books are so expensive here, but I definitely want to read more books that most of us are looking forward to so that I'll be able to join in with the discussions concerning said book.
  1. Create a blogging schedule. Pfft, this probably won't happen but I like to challenge myself. ;) I've been blogging for nearly three years and I still don't have a blogging schedule. It's appalling, I tell you.

  2. Be a more organised reader and reviewer. I really need to focus on reading and reviewing my review books closer to their release date, as I get side-tracked and read other books and then it doesn't get read by when it should. BUT THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.

  3. Read at least one book from the TBR lists I make each month that I've put on my blog. I am mood reader and I never stick to my lists, but I would very much like to change that. 

  4. Update my blog. I'm thinking of maybe moving to Wordpress, but if I don't do that, I'd like to make my blog look more professional and maybe choose a different design and just improve the way my blog looks and functions, ya know?

  5. Schedule more posts in advance as well as have unique content. I really want to make my blog more unique and I don't want to just do memes and reviews, I'd like to add more to my readers' reading experience. If you would like to see a certain type of post, please let me know! I also want to schedule more posts so that I'm not frantically writing a post up the night before, like I'm doing now haha!
  1. Stop worrying so much. I worry. A lot. It's kind of an automatic thing for me. I'm really going to try to focus hard this year on not worrying on petty things and if I'm worried about things within my power, to do something about it instead of mull over it for hours, working myself up.

  2. Make bookish friends that aren't on the internet. No one where I live is really into reading and I'd really like to somehow make friends with people who read.

  3. Become more confident/outgoing. I'm incredibly shy especially with people, hence why the above resolution is quite hard for me. But I definitely want to try to become less shy and gain more confidence when I speak to people.

  4. Get one step closer to conquering my anxiety. I've spoken about my anxiety a few times and it features a lot in these posts and each year it gets better but then it gets worse again. I'm going for CBT now, which is basically where someone helps you "retrain your brain" and I'm hoping that it will help! I'll let you guys know. 

  5. Get fit. I am hopelessly unfit and I want to start jogging because I want to go back to dancing but I'd like to be slightly more fit before I go back to dancing.
These are my 2015 goals! What are yours?


  1. I can definitely relate to the TBR picks-resolution. Every season I make one and it'll be a miracle if I've read one by the end of it. It's ridiculous! I'm trying to better it as well. I read primarily ebooks, maybe I should read more phsyical copies this year...

    I'm a worrier too Kyra! I happen to over-analyze absolutely everything... In fact, I can relate to most of your personal goals. I'm quite shy too and my self-confidence is incredibly low. In 2014, it got a bit better for me thanks to my friends. I share a student-apartment now with my best friend from university and that has really helped me. I hope it'll get better for you too!

    P.S. I am hopelessly unfit too :p

  2. Great goals - I hope you manage to succeed in them! ;) I tried a blogging schedule for a while but I've decided, for the time being anyway, it's not for me. I'm more a blog when I feel like it person. Of course blog tour stops are a different matter though!


  3. Great list of goals and resolutions Kyra! Good luck for your exams. I totally know here you're coming from, I worry a lot too and fell super guilty when I'm not studying during that period. Just remember that you need a break! But if reading makes you feel bad, then save it for another day (: If you want to read more from your TBR each month you can try participating in the Random Reads monthly book meme over at imlovingbooks. I will be starting that next month! I actually suffered a bit from anxiety as well these past few years. It drastically improved this year so if you want any advice or help definitely send me a direct message on twitter or something, I'd be happy to help. And I've started getting fit as well this year, it's hard but worth it! You feel so much better afterwards. Best of luck in all your goals, I know you will achieve your very best! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier xx

  4. Oops sorry meant to link this hahaha

  5. Lots of awesome goals! I love the netgalley one, I need to raise my ratio as well!

  6. I need to start reading more review books! I love bookish friends, from the interweb or in reality ;) I'm trying to get fit too, school and stress and fatigue has made me woefully out of shape. We can do this!! Awesome goals, I wish you luck :)

  7. I'm also hoping to become a bit more organized with my blog this year. Good luck with all your goals this year!!

  8. Same here, the last couple of months I read quite a few review books which made me PROUD but this month I've been rereading Percy Jackson (I was nostalgic after finishing the Heroes of Olympus) and marathoning the Skulduggery Pleasant series, which I've been getting from the library! So next year I'll definitely be focusing on review copies! :D

  9. Ahh I might have to look into that! :)

  10. Thank you! I'll definitely try to read during the exam season, I don't think I could go several months without reading a single book! *faints* Random Reads sounds like quite a good meme so I might have to look into that! :D I'm glad your anxiety is better and if I need advice or help I'll definitely send you a message! :) Thank you, best of luck for your goals, too! <3 xxx

  11. Thank you! ;D I'll probably have a very loose blogging schedule because I'm not one to stick to strict routines when it comes to blogging haha!

  12. I know, I suck at sticking to my TBR pile lists too but hopefully this year that will change! ;)

    I over-analyze everything too, it's quite annoying when my brain decides to do that! -_- I'm glad that you've become a bit more confident and that you have such great friends! A lot of my friends that I were very close with have changed drastically this year so I'm not really friends with them anymore, but I am friends with another girl who reads and writes which is nice!

  13. Yes, and then I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking too much. That's why I tend to listen to a Lord of the Rings-soundtrack-playlist on 8tracks when I fall asleep, then I can't think too much.

    Thank you! Honestly, I know the feeling. In high school I suddenly didn't feel comfortable around my friends anymore and we sort of fell apart. And I did have some other friends but never really close or a lot. Now that I'm in university, I have a few girlfriends who are so similar to me but different as well. You don't need to have many friends, just a good one! And by the way, an internet-friend is just as good -or even better sometimes- than any other friend. Wish I could give you a hug, so I'm sending a virtual one!

  14. I hope you accomplish some of these goals if not all of them!! Get fit is one of my goals too. If only we could read and exercise at the same time!

  15. Great goals! I love your variety. Happy New Year!

  16. you and i have the same problem. i'm very shy too and i'd love to find some bookish friends outside the internet as well (or even more bookish friends on the internet would be great too). good luck with your goals and thank you for stopping by my blog the other day :)

  17. These are excellent goals! :) Exams are always stressful and a total bummer, but hang in there! It'll be all over before you know it. I really like your goal on reading from the TBR list LOL I only know how to pile on more books onto my TBR rather than actually reading them, haha! (your blog is so lovely, new follower!)

  18. I like #5 a lot. :) I think having unique content is the best thing you can do for your blog. Also it is really nice to have a bunch of scheduled posts.

    I'm also hoping to do #5 from your personal goals (get fit). It's hard to stick to a regular routine. Hopefully we can both push ourselves to do it.

    Good luck!! :D

  19. I bet you're going to do awesomely on your exams! Good luck! (I also had a lot of moments when I felt guilty doing non-school related things, like reading right before my exams... sounds very familiar :) but things worked out in the end and I hope they will for you too). I hope you enjoy your review books, ebooks, and 2015 releases! And ha, Netgalley ratios. Gosh, I think the only reason mine is even somewhat okay is because they reset the ratios when they redid the site (if I'm not mistaken). Otherwise I might have beat your 43% ;).
    Good luck with the blogging schedule! I've tried them before and still try to follow a general guideline, but gosh the pressure, girl. I hope you can get through that! Ooooh, a book from your TBR list each month. That IS a good idea. I've been talking about reading more from the TBR next year, but making a list each month would be really helpful (I'm also a huge mood reader, but you can still make the list according to mood! Just put a huge variety of things there to account for a changing perspective). YAY I hope we both are successful with this :).

    Oh, gosh. If you learn how to stop worrying so much, will you let me know how you did it? Getting fit, being more confident, more bookish friends - we have many similar goals. Good luck with the CBT. I hope it helps too! And if you need a buddy to remind you of your goals as listed here, I'll try my best if you promise to do the same :).

  20. I know! That would be fantastic haha! Good luck with your goals, too! <3

  21. Not a lot of people where I live read, which is really sad but hopefully I'll find some bookish people somehow :) Good luck with your goals, too! <3

  22. Aww thank you so much! <3 I KNOW RIGHT?! I'm always getting new books and my TBR pile is probably three times taller than me yet I keep adding more. It's terrible haha!

  23. It is hard but I'm sure we'll manage it! I have quite a few reviews scheduled which is a relief! Good luck with your goals, too! <3

  24. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! <3

    I hope my exams will be fine, I plan on studying a lot but I'll definitely need to read during that time - I couldn't ever go so long without reading haha! Thank you, I hope you enjoy your books too! Most of my reads look really good and I have a feeling that I'll really enjoy them. :D

    Ha, blogging schedule, I'll try one but I doubt I'll stick to it! ;D I love making lists of what I hope to read in the upcoming month, it's always a lot of fun. I don't generally stick to it because I am, like you, a huge mood reader but I really want to try to read the books from the lists I've made! Good luck to us both! :D

    I'm already worried about exams and my blog and stuff so I haven't mastered not worrying yet but when I figure something out I'll definitely let you know! ;D

    And yes same to you, if you need any help at all with needing to be reminded of your goals I'll be here! :) xx


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