Top Ten Tuesday #21 - Top Ten New-To-Me Authors Read in 2014

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors Read in 2014:
1. Holly Smale. I have been dying to read the Geek Girl books since I first saw them circulating the blogosphere, so when I saw them at my local library I snatched them up faster than you can say EEK. I LOVED THEM. I read the first two for the Bout of Books and I am dying to read the third one. They're funny, they're quirky, the characters are adorable and they are funny, like laugh-out-loud-until-you're-blue-in-the-face-and-people-think-you're-insane funny. The best kind. Seriously, READ HER BOOKS.

2. Robin Stevens. I received Robin's debut novel - A Murder Most Unladylike - to review and I was hesitant because I am such a wuss but ASDFGHJKL it was so good, the writing, the humor, the characters, everything was perfect and I can't wait for the sequel, I just can't.

3. Rebecca Westcott. I also received Rebecca's debut to review (Dandelion Clocks) and I was also kind of apprehensive because it features illness and death, and like I said I'm a wuss but oh my gosh, it was so beautiful. It was written in such a sensitive, gentle manner and it was just so beautiful. I cried like a baby but READ IT, it's amazing.

4. Gayle Forman. So far I've read Just One Day, Just One Year and If I Stay and I NEED MORE. The characters are so real and the writing is so compelling and GAH.

5. John Green. Yes, this year was my first year reading a John Green book, I'M SLOW OKAY? OKAY. Sorry, I had to be cliche for this sentence, I just had to. But yes yes yes, he's a really good author and I really must read his other books, but like I said I'm kinda slow sometimes.

6. Kathryn Erskine. I read Katherine's book Mockingbird this year, after having it for quite a while and it was SO GOOD. It also reduced me to tears because it was written so beautifully and I just wanted to hug the main character and tell her it would be okay because she was only eleven and had to deal with so much. You guys have to read it, really.

7. Allen Zadoff. I saw Allen's book "Boy Nobody" at my library and it instantly caught my attention (mainly because I could see the side of its pages are orange and I just think that is the coolest thing ever) and it had an amazing premise, so I checked it out and read it in a day (which also never happens because I'm a slow reader most of the time). Guys, read this book. It's FREAKING AMAZING. There's lots of plot twists and action and funny characters and misunderstood characters and it's basically a whole 352 pages of awesome.

8. Malia Ann Haberman. Malia contacted me to review her middle-grade novel Chase Tinker and the House of Magic and I instantly agreed because it contained a house with magical rooms and bad guys and adorable characters, what's not to love? When I read the first two books I honestly didn't expect to get so emotionally attached to the characters, but I did. Her books are extremely fun to read - definitely try them out!

9. Katherine Applegate. I read one of her books for the first time this year, that book being The One and Only Ivan which I received for review. Guys, it was amazing. It's so heart-wrenching but simultaneously heart-warming and I cried because of the situation the characters (our main character is a gorilla) were in and how cruel humans could be to them and it was so sad but so beautiful, PLEASE READ IT.

10. Jennifer E. Smith. I received Jennifer's book "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" to review from Netgalley and it was SO, SO, SO GOOD. It's a contemporary with cute characters and a cute story and asdfghjkl I'll definitely be reading more of her books. They're utterly adorable.


  1. Great list! I also love Gayle Forman. So far I've only read If I Stay, and I hope to read Where She Went very soon. And I think the same way that you do regarding the orange page ends on Allen Zadoff's book: that would have totally attracted me too! Here's my TTT. Happy reading!

  2. I haven't read most of these authors, but I did love John Green's THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I read Esther Earl's book recently and enjoyed that as well.

    Happy TTT!

  3. Oh, I haven't read the Geek Girl series... I'm sensing that I should do so? :D
    I haven't read anything by most of the authors you mentioned, I should definitely do something about it. Starting with Gayle Forman and Holly Smale!

  4. Great list! I read Gayle Forman for the first time this year, too. :)

  5. I'm a huge John Green fan, okay? Okay. His books always seem to make me cry! I really need to read The One And Only Ivan, it's been on my TBR for so long.
    -Jon from Bookish Antics!

  6. Oh my gosh yes to Holly Smale! I discovered her awesome cute books about late last year and I am eating up each instalment. THERE'S JUST TOO MUCH CUUUTE. I still need to read The Geography of Me and you! I was meh about This is what Happy looks like but statistical probability was freaking gorgeous but also pretty deep.

    Lovely list there, Kyra! <33

  7. Ohhh, Gayle Forman and Jennifer E. Smith and Allen Zadoff are new to me too this year! I AHVE TO ADMIT I'M A HUGE GAYLE FORMAN FAN! I want to try her Just One Day books now. I loved If I Stay and Where She Went. But I wasn't a fan if I Was Here, but meh, you can't have everything, right?! ;-) lol

    Here's my TTT!

  8. I LOVE GAYLE FORMAN TOO! I can't wait to get a copy of Where She Went - it looks SO GOOD! It's a pity you didn't enjoy I Was Here but I think you'll really enjoy Just One Day because it's really cute and set in Paris!

  9. I cried during If I Stay too! It was so emotional! Let me know if you read her new book and if you enjoy it! ;) I am a MASSIVE contemporary fan, but that being said I'm also a massive paranormal/fantasy fan! I really want to read all of Smith's books, they all look so good! x

  10. I KNOW RIGHT?! I love love loveeee her books! I really want to read Smith's other books, they sound amazing. It's a pity you didn't enjoy This is what Happy Looks Like, I hope you enjoy The Geography of Me and You! :) x

  11. Yay! I'm glad to finally have read her books! :)


  13. I also have Esther's book on my TBR pile but I'm too scared to read it because I know it's a non-fiction cancer story and I know it's going to make me cry!

  14. I love colourful page ends - they're so pretty! I also need to read Where She Went, it looks so good!

  15. I love seeing people discover some of my favourite authors :) Like Holly Smale, Gayle Forman and John Green! Robin Stevens was a new discovery for me this year too.


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