Bout of Books 11.0 - Day 1 Update!

Bout of Books

YES BOUT OF BOOKS IS HAPPENING! Bout of Books definitely has to be one of my favourite blogging events and I always have SO much fun when I participate! Below are the updates for Bout of Books Day 1!

Number of pages read today: 307
Number of books read today: 1
Number of pages read in total: 307
Number of books read in total: 1

The book I read was Goth Girl by Chris Riddell and it was a mix of writing and illustrations so I whizzed through that. I then started Geek Girl and got to 83 pages, making my total amount of pages equal to 307! YAY! I also participated in The Book Scavenger Hunt Challenge and I will be hoping to visit at least 5 blogs today!

I'm really proud of the amount of pages I read and hopefully I can keep this up! :)


  1. Wow nice amount of pages. I haven't finished one yet but plan to finish at least one today

  2. You're looking pretty darned good! Well done. Love the little "updates" buttons. Cute!


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