Discussion: Why I Like Taking My Time to Read

I like taking my time to read and generally try not to finish a book in one sitting. I love lingering on sentences that mean something to me. I love re-reading the sentences to set a firm picture in my head. I love dwelling in the world that I'm currently inhabiting. I love absorbing the words and appreciating  story. When I read fast I just feel as if I'm not getting everything out of the story. I like reading a book over a couple of days and I rarely read a book in under a day. I try to read slower if I find I'm going through a book too fast especially if I'm really enjoying it, as I know if I read too fast I won't be able to spend as much time in the world or with the characters.

I spoke with my dad about this and he feels the same way. When I read a book in a day, sometimes I regret it because it feels like I haven't taken enough time to appreciate the way the author has crafted the sentences and the way the story has so beautifully been told. My mom, on the other hand, will start a book at 11 at night and read through till 1 in the morning until she has finished the book.

I understand that there are some books that are so fast-paced that you simply can't put them down. I've often had that as well. But sometimes I read so fast that I actually miss out on parts of the story because when I go back and read parts again, I am shocked by how many things I've actually missed. 

Do you prefer reading slower or faster? If you're going through a book too fast do you will yourself to read it slower?


  1. I'm someone who loves reading slowly as well, but can't help but get caught up in fast paced scenes were I simply just speed through. I'm reading the Giver quartet at the moment, which is definitely a page turner and I've found myself racing few chapters at a time because I want to find out what happens next so badly. I'm naturally quite a fast reader anyway (not boasting at all, it really is just how I read) and occasionally tell myself to slow down a bit, especially when it's the last book in a series I love. After reading this I"m definitely going to concentrate more on appreciating the writing, even during those fast-paced moments. Great post (:


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