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I feel like I have too many unread books at the moment. 

Over the years I have bought copious amounts of books at a time, thanks to car-boot sales and charity stores and since this has been going on for about five years, it's reached quite a high amount. I have over 600 books and I have only read about one third of them, leaving me with about 400+ books I haven't read. THEN there are all my e-galleys which is at, I'm ashamed to admit, about 100 e-galleys which I haven't yet got around to reading. I feel incredibly bad about this and I could repeatedly give me a swift kick in the backside for going on a requesting binge when I first opened my NG and EW account! I then also have a lot of other Kindle books I have bought; newish YA releases, free books and the classics.

I have so many books to read and I just don't have the time! I'm starting IGCSEs and it's a lot of work and I'll be even busier when it comes to exam time! I'm on a strict book-buying ban, I'm not requesting on Netgalley anymore and I am not going to check out books at the library anymore, but that still leaves me with lots of unread books.

I might donate my more middle-grade books that I never got around to reading, but there are some I really want to read and I feel bad for giving them away without becoming acquainted with what could be my next favourite book! 

I understand, even though it saddens me, that I'll never be able to read all the books I want and my logical side says there are quite a few books that I won't ever read and I should donate them. I have accumulated about 100 that I'm donating, which I am proud of. I've read most of those but I'll most likely never read it again and I feel good for providing to those without books!

Should I give away more of my middle-grade/YA books or slowly try and work through them without buying new books/library/Netgalley? How big are your TBR piles and what do you do to get them under control? Have you ever felt like your TBR pile is just way too big?


  1. I feel like my TBR is way to big ALL OF THE TIME. Ugh. I can totally relate to you about everything in this post. I have about exactly how many books as you do, and sometimes it's depressing! I wonder if I'll ever catch up...or if I'm just going to die one day with piles and piles of unread books surrounding me. I'm not sure what you should go about the middle grade books...pretty much all of my TBR books are ones I actually think I will read someday. But I've definitely been trying to not buy so many books lately. The situation is kind of out of control right now, and I want to try to make it at least a little bit better.

  2. It is totally overwhelming, I seriously hope that we will be able to read all our books eventually! :)

  3. I have about 130 physical books on my TBR pile and about 35 unread ebooks. I go through my unread books quite often and weed out the books that I'm no longer excited to read. If I continually pass over some books in favour of others there's usually a good reason why. And it's mostly because it's a book I'm not excited about any more. Books like this cannot stay on my shelves as it drags my mood down. I'm also on a book buying ban. It's lasted approx 6 months. I had to do this to limit what was coming into my house. I've also had to up my reading to make sure I was reading more books that I was receiving for review. Next on my plan to wipe out my TBR pile are monthly challenges. This is where I divide my TBR pile into different categories and try to focus on reading books within this category. This really helps me. So far in 2014, I've tackled second/third books in a series, books involving LGBT characters or story lines and books by authors who are new to me. Good luck getting through your TBR pile. I do recommend getting rid of a large chunk of your unread books, especially if you've moved on from them...


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