Bout of Books 9.0 - Day 1

Bout of Books

So, as you guys know I am participating in my first ever readthon, which is super-duper exciting! I'm aiming to read all the Ally's World books, by one of my favourite childhood authors, Karen McCombie. They're fairly short (200 pages or so). Anywhoo, here is my update on DAY ONE of the Bout of Books readathon.

Monday (Day 1):
  Total number of books read today: 1
Total number of pages read today: 175
Total number of books read in total:
Total number of pages read in total:

The book that I finished was Parties, Predicaments and Undercover Pets by Karen McCombie, which I finished and then went onto reading Tattoos, Telltales and Terrible, Terrible Twins! 


  1. Oo, first readathon - how exciting :) 175 is a lot of pages, at least for me. Good luck for the rest of the week :)

  2. Nice work. I hope you finish all your goals for this week.


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