Stacking the Shelves #48 - EPIC EDITION

HI! Due to me not being able to post for a few weeks, I have quite a big haul! I am ecstatic for the books I bought/received! Tell what you think of them if you've read them and which ones I should read first. Thanks!
Sorry for the bad picture! My phone's camera isn't so good :/

Received for review:
1. The Moon and More
2. Reached 
3. Shipwrecked 
4. Doll Bones *
not pictured*

5. The Child's Elephant *not pictured*
6. Darcy Burdock *not pictured*
7. The Oathbreaker's Shadow *not pictured*

8. Ink Exchange
9. The Lost Hero
10. Time-Riders
11. Teen Idol 
*not pictured*

12. The Fire
13. Vixen
14. Grave Mercy

Fourteen new books! I can't wait to read them all! Thank you to Penguin Publishers and Random House for the amazing books I received!